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La Vie en Rose (Bakery)

pug at rosePhoto courtesy of

By Rebecca Leffler, La Fleur de Paris

As Edith Piaf once said, “Je vois la vie en Rose.” I certainly see la vie en … Rose Bakery. The bakery / eatery, co-owned by a British woman (Rose) and her husband, is a Franco-Anglo-Saxon twist on all things breakfast, lunch and brunch. Continue Reading »

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Train Travel in France – Fast, Pleasant & Eco-Friendly

www.jaunted.comPhoto www.

Today, the last Sunday in August, people all over France will pack their bags, shutter their vacation homes, and make the voyage back home – many to Paris. In the U.S., you might picture cars stuffed to the gills with bags and family members, hours spent stuck in long traffic jams. And it’s true that there will be some of this. However, in places like Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Montpellier, Rennes, and many other cities large and small, there will also be crowded train platforms full of people waiting to board their TGV home.

TGVThe TGV, which stands for train à grande vitesse (high speed train), is hands down the best way to travel through France. People visiting from other countries with less-developed rail networks may not even think of traveling by train, but the TGV is fast, easy, comfortable, and above all, reliable. In addition, there are often discounts provided for people under the age of 26 and over the age of 60 (or for those who plan far in advance) – and it is already quite affordable to begin with. Continue Reading »

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September in the Marais -Last Minute Special


Sometimes the best trips result from last-minute impulses! Summer may be over, but that doesn’t have to mean an end to your travels. Due to a  last minute cancellation, Haven in Paris is offering a great special offer on the spectacular Elzevir apartment for the week of September 14-21. At 15% off the regular weekly rate, you can enjoy your own little corner of the Marais… with all of the neighborhood’s cafes, galleries, shops, and museums just outside your door.

Contact Haven in Paris for more information by clicking here.

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The Straight Story: Buying & Renovating a flat in Paris

After living for years in Paris, Bill O’Such and his wife Ineke relocated to the United States. In an effort to “keep one foot in France,” they bought and renovated a pied-à-terre which they rent to tourists when they can’t use it themselves. Below, Bill discusses the ins-and-outs of buying, renovating, and maintaining a home in France.

living roomThe living room of the Elzevir Apartment.

by Bill O’Such,

While some websites might lead you to believe that buying an apartment in Paris is as easy as buying a good bottle of wine, the truth is: it’s a lot of work! Unless money is of no object, the process is incredibly hands-on and requires both creativity and perseverance. As I learned by buying and renovating my “Elzevir Apartment,” the process is challenging… but worth it. Continue Reading »

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Paris on wheels: Fat Tire Bike Tours-no bikes in the bus lane here


Although Paris isn’t quite as bike-centric as Amsterdam just yet, bicycles have definitely become the hip and green way to get around. As Sarah pointed out earlier, the now-ubiquitous Vélibs’ have converted Parisians over to the scenic joys of gliding along tree-lined boulevards as an alternative to the soul-crushing rush hour metro.

But this picturesque approach to Paris isn’t just reserved for natives and those who are able to get their foreign cards to work in the Vélib’ machines. Fat Tire Tours, a bike-and-segway specific tour company, was among the first Paris-based tour groups to offer bicycle tours of the city. They are a friendly and entertaining way to see the city.

Continue Reading »

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Overdose of Life – Paris it is!


I recently shot this incredibly snuggly photo of my kitty before heading out for an evening stroll of Montmartre. Stumbling upon the above quote on the window of a neighborhood boutique somehow seemed appropriate. Paris we may be, English most eloquently relayed the message.

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What to Wear in France in the Summer

August might be drawing to a close, but don’t pack up your summer wardrobe just yet! The warm weather extends well into the Fall in Paris. Below, expert Julie Blakley helps to demystify the “rules” of Parisian street fashion.

chic woman

By Julie Blakley, Why Go Paris

Style and fashion are important in France. My cousin, Jean-Marc, recently told me that he had no luck with the ladies until he “bought his first pair of Italian shoes.” However, even with a good percentage of French blood pumping through my own veins, every time I find myself in France I look longingly at the always impeccably dressed and stylish French ladies and wonder why they’ve got it going on so much more than I do. Suffice it to say, I will never be as sleek, stylish or thin as most of these French women, but that doesn’t mean I want to walk around Paris sporting a fanny pack and socks with sandals. And, while I may never look quite so effortlessly perfect as the French women always seem to, I have spent enough time living and traveling in France that I think I can do a pretty good job of looking like a local in France. Continue Reading »

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Images of August – Paris relaxes


Did I mention I love August in Paris? I do! It’s the best. Everything winds down and the city breathes. Here are a few images of the city of lights relaxing and enjoying. I’m taking it while it lasts; the rentrée is right around the corner and I will soon be off to enjoy fall in New England!

CanalStMartinSunday on the Canal St.Martin – pedestrian and so pretty

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Paris by Vélib’

Paris by VélibPhoto Erica Berman

The nice thing about Paris is that it’s small for such a major city; a lot of things you might want to see and do are within walking distance of each other. The Louvre is not far from the Marais, from which you can stroll over to the Ile St-Louis & Ile de la Cité, which in turn are just next to St-Germain, and then perhaps you might want to keep going just a bit further – possibly to the Musée d’Orsay, followed by the Eiffel Tower? All of a sudden, though the distance between one destination and the next is relatively short, you’ve walked many kilometers. Of course, it’s always nice to stop for a break at a café… but when it’s time to move on, your feet may start to object. There is always the métro – but sometimes the route is not so convenient, or it’s such a nice day you simply would prefer to remain above ground.

This is where Vélib’ comes to the rescue. Continue Reading »

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Tying the Knot… French Style

Bride&groomSeineAll photos courtesy of FeteinFrance

Summer may be waning, but wedding season is far from over in France. For many foreigners, the idea of planning a wedding here is both enchanting and daunting. But don’t be deterred by the  logistical challenges. Planning a wedding—or any important event—in France can actually be simpler and more financially plausible than you might think. The consultants at Fête in France, a Paris-based event planning firm that caters to the English-speaking community, share their thoughts on why France remains the premier location for an unforgettable destination wedding. Continue Reading »

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