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Nichole Robertson on The Paris Journal & Book Giveaway

We at HiP Paris have been big fans of Nichole Robertson’s work for quite some time. She is now one half of the wife-husband duo Obvious State, creating literary-focused posters and some of the most gorgeous Paris photo-story books you can imagine. Nichole shares an introduction to The Paris Journal with us below, as well an excerpt from the book. We are also thrilled to be giving away copies to five lucky readers! More details on the giveaway below. -Erin

The Paris Journal, French Lifestyle Book by NIchole Robertson

“The Paris Journal is a labor of love. From the beginning, we had one mission in mind: To take people to Paris. The narrator is an anonymous traveler and we get to follow along as she explores the city she loves. Book one is comprised of 17 journal entries and over 144 full-color photos exploring the two islands at the heart of Paris, the Île de la Cité and the Île Saint-Louis. Below is a sample from the book. I hope you enjoy it!” -Nichole Robertson


Outside of Café Saint-Régis, which faces the bridge from the Saint-Louis side, the staff prepares for the morning customers. It’s chillier here. The sun won’t reach the interior of the island for hours. The only warmth emanates from inside the café, carrying good smells with it. A waitress, clearly in charge, directs the staff as she organizes the one-shot cups on top of the espresso machine. 

The two waiters drag tipsy stacks of cane chairs to the sidewalk. There’s very little street traffic on the island, but on its perimeter, the sound of cars and mopeds steadily builds. Morning has arrived, and everyone moves quickly now. 

The Paris Journal, French Lifestyle Book by NIchole Robertson

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A Francophile Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway From the Paris Print Shop

Holiday Gift Guide, HiP Paris Blog

Salted Caramel Macarons from La Petite Sucre

It’s that time of year again! The time of aimless meandering through crowded streets or malls, searching for the perfect gift for that special someone. To make it a little bit easier for you, Nichole Robertson has put together a sweet little francophile gift guide. She is also offering up three great gift packages for three lucky readers: each winner will receive one extra-large print of your choice from the Paris Print Shop, a 2014 Paris calendar, and a set of four cards from the Paris Traveler Series! Instructions for entering are at the bottom of the post. Good luck! -Genevieve

Update: Congrats to our winners Adelle in Vermont, Jacqueline in Maine, and Chris in West Virginia!

I’m Nichole. I’m a writer, photographer and co-owner of an NYC metro-based creative studio, Obvious State. The focus of my work for the past few years has been Paris photography, so I spend a lot of time traveling back and forth (and staying in Haven in Paris apartments, which is how I met the lovely HIP staff).

Holiday Gift Guide, HiP Paris Blog, Print by Nichole Robertson

Extra large print from the Paris Print Shop by Nichole Robertson

I spent about two months this year working on The Paris Journal and my second book with Chronicle Books, which means I was able to frequently satisfy my own Francophile urges: Bordier butter, Laurent Dubois cheese, La Fermière yogurt and baguettes. Many, many baguettes.

Holiday Gift Guide, HiP Paris Blog 3

Merci stampParis street style bookpillow by Alexandra Fergusonmetro coaster by Tilissimo

You see the theme there, right? French dairy and bread. Not exactly giftable, or available in the US. Though I’ve discovered that you can buy Échiré butter here and on Amazon, and have happy danced over that discovery.

Holiday Gift Guide, HiP Paris Blog, Bags by Kasia Dietz

Bag by Kasia Dietz

So if you can’t fly your loved one to Paris this year, I put together a few things for that favorite Francophile in your life. Continue Reading »

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Book Giveaway: Nichole Robertson’s Paris in Color

We have been fans of Nichole Robertson ever since we first discovered her blog, Little Brown Pen, many moons ago. She manages to capture details of our favorite city that render it accessible, touching, intimate — even to those who haven’t walked her streets, ogling marché produce and perfectly coordinated café chairs in many years. We’re delighted to be offering a copy of her latest book, Paris in Color, to one lucky reader today — simply leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random winner on June 29. Want an extra entry? Pin this post and leave a link to it below in a separate comment (to ensure you have two entries!) – Geneviève. UPDATE: We have now selected winner. Congratulations to Jessie K. from Nova Scotia!

In January 2009, I moved to Paris with my husband, and two young sons. Despite the damp cold and relentless gray, we enjoyed exploring our new neighborhood. One day, I noticed a few objects in a similar shade of red, and shot them. As I walked, I found other things I liked in that shade and photographed those as well. When I returned home and uploaded them to my blog, the response was, “more!”

I quickly became obsessed, and spent weeks singling out different shades. Searching for colors is a surprisingly democratic process, as it’s just as likely to appear on something spectacular (Notre Dame) as it is on something pedestrian (a trash can). I didn’t question whether the object was famous, old, or important, I just shot it. The serendipitous nature of the process meant that I never had a plan, and that was part of the fun. Continue Reading »

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HiP Paris Holiday Gift Guide: Nichole of Little Brown Pen

Hi everyone! Nichole here from Little Brown Pen. I’m happy to be over at HIP Paris today, and to be sharing my French-inspired holiday gift picks with you. Below are a few things I wouldn’t mind having under my tree (husband? are you reading?), so I hope you enjoy.

French Felt Scarves

These beautiful scarves are handmade in Normandy. I love the texture, subtle shine and classic shades.

Rifle Paper Co Paris Notecards

I wish these illustrations were available as large prints. Aren’t they adorable?

Cubist Literature Tees

Cubist Literature has a great sense of humor. I’ve been admiring this silly French tee for months.

French text: “Moi, je veux te dire que je ne te quitterai jamais. Et puis, si tu es triste, je pourrais toujours te donner un peu d’alcool pour te rechauffer le coeur. xo”

Translation from their site: “I want you to know that I will never leave you. And, if you’re ever sad, I can always give you a little alcohol to make you feel better”.

Love it!

Continue Reading »

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Simply Paris by Jennifer Causey

Our friend Nichole Robertson over at Little Brown Pen just clued us into Jennifer Causey’s new book, Simply Paris, which is a photographic journey through the City of Light.


Ever have one of those moments where you jump off your chair, couch, whatever you happen to be sitting on? Well a few minutes ago, I had one of those moments.

It happened when I was reading Jennifer Causey’s blog. I’ve been a huge fan of her Simply Breakfast blog for years, and it’s a constant in my Google reader. Apparently, I was a little behind in my reading, because on January 29, she announced her new book—Simply Paris. Continue Reading »

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Paris Grays: A Collage by Nichole Robertson

Our friend Nichole (at Little Brown Pen) regularly puts together wonderfully creative color collages using images from around Paris. Her gray collage manages to capture the feeling of winter in Paris perfectly…

1 again

2 again

3 again

4 again

5 again

6 again

7 again

8 again

9 again

10 again

11 again

12 again

13 again

14 again

All photos: Nichole Robertson
Edited by Tory Hoen for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

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Vin Chaud on a Winter Afternoon

Nichole Robertson (of Little Brown Pen) waxes nostalgic for afternoons spent in the Marais drinking vin chaud. On days when it’s too cold to go out, try her recipe and indulge at home!

chalkboardsPhoto courtesy of Little Brown Pen

Text by Nichole Roberton

Last night’s crisp air sparked a memory of sipping vin chaud on cold Paris afternoons.

Whenever Liam (just 18 months at the time) would fight his afternoon nap, we’d strap him into the stroller and head in the direction of our favorite cafe a few blocks away. He typically fell asleep on the way there, giving Evan, Alexander and me the rare opportunity to sit down like civilized human beings and enjoy a hot drink while he snoozed in the stroller. Alexander sipped hot chocolate and colored, and Evan and I engaged in our usual debate: The responsible choice of 3pm coffee? Or the not-so-responsible choice of 3pm mulled wine?

There were two benefits to choosing wine over coffee (cmon, you knew we chose wine, right?). Continue Reading »

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Galipette Pastry Lab: Yet Another Reason to Eat Caramel

Our friend Nichole Robertson (of Little Brown Pen) stumbled upon Galipette’s delectable caramels on Etsy last year. They’re no longer available online, but if you’re in Paris, stop by Galipette’s Pastry Lab (in the 2nd) to bask in the deliciousness…

caramel 2All photos courtesy of Little Brown Pen

Text by Nichole Robertson


french [ga’li’pɛt] nf fam

* somersault, cartwheel;
* an acrobatic stunt performed by turning the body one full revolution forward or backward, heels over head;
* a physical expression of joy, excitement and childlike glee, suddenly inspired by tasting something thoroughly delicious.

The above is both the definition of my new favorite french word, and the shop intro of Galipette—a French Pastry Lab in Paris. Continue Reading »

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Brunch in Montmartre at Le Coquelicot

Guest Blogger Nichole Robertson (of Little Brown Pen fame) discovers one of our favorite bakeries in Montmartre. Make sure to come early to snag one of the outside tables, and enjoy Paris people watching at its best.

breakfastphoto courtesy of Meg Zimbeck

On Saturday, we braved the Amelie obsessed tourists on Rue de Abbesses in Montmartre to visit Coquelicot–a sweet little bakery recommended by Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini. I adore Clotilde’s blog and books, and her Paris picks never let me down. She raved about the baguettes at Coquelicot, and her blessing coupled with a glimpse of their charming website, was all we needed to pen a visit into our schedule. Continue Reading »

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