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Why Visit Paris? For The Chocolate, Of Course


There are many different reasons people fall in love with Paris: the art and culture; the beauty and history; the fashion and femme fatales. Moi? I can think of no bigger, better, more divine seductress than the chocolate.

Cocoa is the food of the gods, and the French unabashedly worship at its altar. For nearly four centuries, they’ve been evolving the humble brown cacao seed into something decadent, transporting and otherworldly. You can get chocolate in liquid, molten or frozen form. Sculpted into a stiletto—or a squirrel.

As a single-origin bar (tablette) or a decadent box (un ballotin) of many splendored flavors. In fact, in Paris you can toss a truffle in nearly any direction and hit a chocolatier. But don’t leave it to fate. Get yourself to any of these 11 chocolatiers for an unforgettable Parisian experience.

vincen-t & yuichi sakuraga

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Rosa Jackson Says It’s Time for Mirabelles

Guest blogger Rosa Jackson (one of our favorite France-based foodies and author of Edible Adventures) shares some insight into the art of the mirabelle–in season right now!


Text by Rosa Jackson

When summer decides that it’s over in the south of France, it doesn’t fool around. For a few days last week, it was as if someone with a wicked sense of humor was aiming a giant fire hose at the city of Nice. Local artist Sylvie T.’s mother, who delights in chatting with passers-by in front of her Old Town gallery, put it more poetically. “In Nice it doesn’t rain; it’s the sun that’s crying.”

The tomatoes are no longer as sweet, eggplants are on their way out and peaches are ancient history (even if there are still some impostors at the market stalls), but unlike the capricious sun, I’m still finding reasons to stay cheerful. First among these are mirabelles, little yellow plums with a pink blush that appear at the market for no more than six weeks every year. I first spotted them this year at the Paris markets in early September, and was not surprised to see them pop up in various guises wherever I turned: when a fruit has a season this brief, no cook can resist it. Continue Reading »

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