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Paris Summer Prep Lesson Two: The Bikini

HiP Paris Blog tells you about one writer's experience bikini shopping in Paris

At age 50, I moved to Paris. Impressed by the casual sexiness of the locals, I updated my wardrobe and skin care regime. But now it’s swimsuit season. Quelle horreur!

HiP Paris Blog tells you about one writer's experience bikini shopping in Paris

Like many mature women, I dread trying on swimsuits. Sometimes we cry, sweaty and frustrated, in the dressing room. We eat the emergency chocolate from our purses. We question our self-worth and our genetic makeup. Also, I’m rather top-heavy, and my girls are constantly trying to slip the surly bonds of shirts. Swimsuit shopping is not for the faint of heart.

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Paris Summer Prep Lesson One: Legs

HiP Paris Blog covers one writer's summer prep in Paris

I’ve never been sexy. I’m clean, well-groomed, and moderately comfortable with my body, but not sexy. Living in the United States until I was 50, sexy just wasn’t a thing for women who drove minivans in the suburbs. We looked put together and attractive, but we left “sexy” to the 20-year-olds and actresses. Besides, I associated being sexy with showing some skin and looking for LUV, and suburban moms don’t typically show much skin and my LUV tank is overflowing, with a husband of 26 years and 3 kids.

HiP Paris Blog covers one writer's summer prep in Paris

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Style Secrets: How To Accessorize Like a Parisian

HiP Paris Blog, Elsa Madjar, Les Trouvailles d'Elsa
Credits: Elsa Madjar, Les Trouvailles d’Elsa

No matter how much I try to avoid it, I occasionally succumb to speaking in clichés regarding my fellow female Parisian citizens.

To recap: Parisian women don’t get fat, Parisian women look fabulous with minimal makeup, Parisian women are more rock and roll than their anglo-saxon counterparts. Unfamiliar with this last one? Allow me to explain.

HiP Paris Blog, Emmanuelle Alt
Emmanuelle Alt

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French vs. British Style: Eurostars by Badaude

It’s still pretty chilly in Paris, and even more so in London. Navigating the channel crossing in style is an art, which HiP Paris fave Badaude has captured so well here (click the image to view it full size) – Geneviève

Illustration by Badaude. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris. Full article available on

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Parisian Fashion: French Women Remain Timeless, Chic and Elegant

Chic and Elegant Paris fashion – Paris in Pink

What is it about Parisian women that always leaves me staring as they ever so briskly pass by, thinking, how do they always manage to look so (for lack of a better word), chic? They appear to be dressed with a casual confidence, never looking out of place and drawing just enough attention. Each detail and accessory is carefully chosen, creating a color palette of distinctive greys, blacks and neutrals, with just a touch of color. Timeless. Elegant. And always classy. This ‘dress-code’ is most creatively displayed in the ‘bobo’ parts of Paris where ‘bourgeois’ meets ‘boheme’. The result is a never-ending fashion show on the streets of the Marais, Saint Germain, and often in between.

Longing for Paris summer fashion – Paris in Pink

What’s their secret? I have a few theories.

Timeless. Parisians are avid shoppers but not necessarily considered consumers. They choose quality over quantity and when the Soldes hit Paris, they spend the time necessary to find that one signature piece to add to their collection, which will naturally work with all the other pieces. Shopping becomes a curatorial experience. Thus, there is no end to the possibilities and no need to follow the latest trends. Rather than mimic a mannequin, a Parisian woman will simply use this model for inspiration. Continue Reading »

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What to Wear in France in the Summer

August might be drawing to a close, but don’t pack up your summer wardrobe just yet! The warm weather extends well into the Fall in Paris. Below, expert Julie Blakley helps to demystify the “rules” of Parisian street fashion.

chic woman

By Julie Blakley, Why Go Paris

Style and fashion are important in France. My cousin, Jean-Marc, recently told me that he had no luck with the ladies until he “bought his first pair of Italian shoes.” However, even with a good percentage of French blood pumping through my own veins, every time I find myself in France I look longingly at the always impeccably dressed and stylish French ladies and wonder why they’ve got it going on so much more than I do. Suffice it to say, I will never be as sleek, stylish or thin as most of these French women, but that doesn’t mean I want to walk around Paris sporting a fanny pack and socks with sandals. And, while I may never look quite so effortlessly perfect as the French women always seem to, I have spent enough time living and traveling in France that I think I can do a pretty good job of looking like a local in France. Continue Reading »

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