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Hidden Paris: Enjoying Springtime Paris Off the Beaten Tourist Track

Paris in the Spring, Jardin Albert Kahn, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Hotels Paris Rive Gauche 1

Jardin Albert Kahn (Hotels Paris Rive Gauche)

Immortalized in literature and song, there might not be a better time to be in Paris than the Springtime.

Enjoying Springtime in Paris off the Tourist Track

Les Berges (Raïssa)

Les Parisiens bask in the warm rays and take in the spring air and blossons in any way they can, usually camped out on the sunniest terraces or leisurely strolling through the most popular parks and along the waterways.

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Picture Perfect: A Tale of Paris in the Spring

Spring in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Rebecca Plotnick

Take a walk through Paris in the Spring and you’ll feel like you’re strolling through a never-ending garden. The once-bare trees lining the Seine are now filled with blossoming flowers.

Spring in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Rebecca Plotnick

The pink cherry blossoms and magnolias pop against the soft blue and grey hues of Parisian architecture. Red wine gives way to Rosé as terraces take up more and more sidewalk space, and café chairs line up on every street corner.

Spring in Paris, HiP Paris Blog, Photo by Rebecca Plotnick

Picnic blankets are spread out in parks and amorous teenagers set up camp on benches throughout the city. Lovers stroll under the warm sun, children laugh and fountains gurgle. The magic of Spring is just beginning.

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April in Paris: Tory’s 10 Spring Fashion Essentials

HiP Paris fave and globe-trotter extraordinaire Tory Hoen is finally back in Paris. In the next few weeks she’ll be doing the rounds of Paris’ latest hotspots, but first she shares her top Paris spring fashion picks with us here… Enjoy! -Geneviève

Carin Olsson

When I decided to spend this April in Paris, my euphoria was tainted by just one gnawing concern—what am I going to wear? We all know the Parisian spring is knock-your-socks off beautiful, but it’s a tricky season, sartorially-speaking. It can be cool and rainy one minute, balmy the next. It can feel like full-on summer on one side of the street, and winter once you cross into the shade. I’m constantly shedding and donning layers, and my normal fear of color is supplanted by an impulse to integrate bolder hues.

Although my highly unhelpful inner voice said, “Just pack everything!,” I’ve managed to narrow things down. Below is a list of 10 spring essentials that I know will serve me well this season.

1. When boots start to feel too clunky but it’s not yet sandal season, I live in my Repettos. They come in a variety of fun colors, but you can wear the classic black with just about anything.

2. While I’m not always the savviest of shoppers, I regularly high-five myself for having bought this beige trench from Comptoir des Cotonniers. I wear it constantly—open, closed, buttoned, belted—and always feel put-together, even when I’m wearing nothing underneath. Just kidding.

3. I am generally an extremist when it comes to lip color: either very sheer gloss or devil-may-care matte red. But for spring, a more carefree coral (like Nars satin lipstick in Niagara) feels like the way to go.

4. Made in their atelier in the Marais, Monsieur’s delicate gold and silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings add a perfectly simple accent to springtime garb. (53 Rue Charlot, 3ème arrondissement).

5. While my winter handbag is generally overflowing with unnecessary bulk—old receipts, dozens of pens, a single glove, matchbooks pilfered from various restaurants—I like to lighten up for spring. A saddle bag in a bright color, like this one from A.P.C., fits the bill perfectly. Continue Reading »

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10 Signs That Spring Has Arrived In Paris

…When you can eat ice cream outside and actually, perhaps for the first time, really enjoy the coldness. Maybe you even have to hurry up a bit since the ice cream is melting.

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Spring in Paris: The Effect of Sunlight on Parisians

Bar in Sun1Photos Erica Berman

One of my favorite times of year in Paris is the transition between winter and spring. It’s that miraculous moment when the gray dampness lifts and the first rays of warm sunlight begin to creep their way along rooftops, through windows, over bridges. It’s still coat weather, but hope is in the air.

More importantly, it’s the moment when droves of Parisians emerge from indoors after months of hibernation. A few months from now, they will undoubtedly look healthy and bronzed and full of life; but for the moment, they are pale and wan (and still dressed in black) and seeking sunlight as if it were their lifeblood. I remember walking through the Jardin du Luxembourg on the first warm day last year and being convinced that the city was awash in a sea of vampires. I had never seen so many black leather-clad beings, their skin sparkling beneath the first rays of springtime sun.


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