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August in Paris: What to do When the Parisians Disappear

HiP Paris Blog tells you what to do in Paris when the Parisians disappearNo Entry – Joann Pai

August is always a strange time in Paris. Streets which are usually buzzing with people suddenly take on the deserted appearance of a town in a Western movie; and the queues that normally snake from the most sought-after establishments completely dissipate. The desperate rush to squeeze inside my metro is usually an exercise which resembles the evacuation of the Titanic (except I’m pretty sure the first class passengers had the decency to wear deodorant – which is more than I can say for the armpits you get wedged under on the Line 13). But in August the metro is eerily empty (although while the armpits on the Line 13 are unfortunately remain as sweaty as ever).

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Paris Picnic: Inside the City of Light’s First Made-to-Order Artisinal Picnic Delivery

Paris Picnic: Artisanal Picnic Delivery Service

Le Square du Vert-Galant

What’s more Parisian than spreading out a blanket on the Champ de Mars or along the Seine and sharing a leisurely meal of fresh baguette, cheese, charcuterie, wine, and maracons? Paris Picnic, the first service picnic delivery service of its kind, will bring an artisanal picnic – complete with locally sourced goods, wine, cups, cutlery, and a cotton blanket – to the location of your choice. Simply select and customize your picnic online, request a delivery location and time, and voila: a picture-perfect picnic experience made easy.

Since its founding in 2013, Paris Picnic has become the 3rd highest rated restaurant on Paris’ TripAdvisor. The team serves up to 40 clients on a given day, from honeymooners, to families, to bachelorette parties, to corporate events. We sat down with the folks behind Paris Picnic to find out more.

Paris Picnic: Artisanal Picnic Delivery Service

Sandwiches from Paris Picnic

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