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French Countryside Living: Finding Inspiration From French Women

HiP Paris Blog explores countryside womenWilliam Sun

When I moved from Paris to the French countryside two years ago, I knew I would miss things from the city- I just didn’t know exactly what those things would be. I was certain that country life would be enriching and come with added benefits; more space, a slower pace of life, fresh air, a nightly view of the starry sky, but I had no way of knowing that I would miss so much about my city life.

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Halles Alimentaires: A New Food Market Concept in Paris

4 Saisons Solidaires; a new food market concept coming to Paris


Food activists celebrated a victory on July 5th, when 4 Saisons Solidaires, a proposition introduced by the Communist Party, was passed by the Paris Council. The initiative is set to facilitate the opening of new food markets around the city, this time the focusing on providing sustainable, seasonal, and local produce to low-income communities. By offering lower rents and financial aid to vendors and opening markets in neighborhoods that have little access to quality food, the city hopes to encourage residents to improve their dietary habits while supporting local agriculture.

4 Saisons Solidaires; a new food market concept coming to Paris

Chris Goldberg

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Celebrating Local and Seasonal at La Récolte, Paris’ New Sustainable Food Shop

La Recolte Paris

In the two years that led up to La Récolte‘s opening in summer of 2014, owner Mathieu Mulliez tirelessly explored France visiting independent producers. His goal was simple: find dedicated artisans practicing sustainable agriculture and bring their fresh, seasonal products to Parisians. The concept may seem simple, but it is shockingly difficult to find shops like La Récolte in Paris.

La Recolte Paris

Bringing together quality products from France (and sometimes neighboring countries) as well as maintaining opening hours that correspond to busy city dwellers’ work schedules is a rare combination in Paris. Mathieu, who has worked his fair share of 9-5 jobs and has a love of cooking with quality ingredients, decided to meet this demand head on and create a shop that could welcome customers who are on their way home from work or looking for a quick, healthy lunch.

Bento Italian and Noisette Chocolat

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La Petraia: An Unforgettable Tuscan Meal with Chef Susan McKenna Grant


Photos courtesy of La Petraia, Michael Grant & Sarah Raymond

In the US, the vast majority of food & grocery shopping is done in supermarkets. We cook with canned beans or tomatoes, pre-butchered meats, and shrink-wrapped cold cuts – or consume industrially prepared foods – rarely stopping to consider where exactly these things come from. One item could be fresh from a nearby farm, another from halfway across the world. While many Americans are becoming increasingly aware of how and where their food is produced, there is still a sense of detachment between the food we eat and its origins. Recently, however, following an eye-opening Italian dining experience at La Petraia – in Tuscany’s Chianti region – I was inspired to rethink how I purchase, prepare, and consume food.


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