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Bread in France

by Erica Berman

Everyone has heard of the ubiquitous French baguette, but do they know how to order one? Do they know about all of the other wonderful kinds of bread to be found in France? Here is some info on different ways to order a baguette, and other yummy bread you may not have otherwise found. Don’t let your French bread enjoyment stop at the baguette. Try some of these and, enjoy!

How to order:

Une baguette – one baguette

Bien cuite- Well cooked

Pas trop cuite – Not burnt

Moulée – soft, not really brown & crusty

Une Demi-baguette  – half of a baguette

Tranchée – sliced

Different types of French bread found in your local ‘Boulangerie’

Pain au levain – Sourdough

Pain de campagne – a crusty rustic loaf with a thick crust (campagne = country)

Complet – made with whole wheat flour

Pain aux Cereals – bread made with different grains

Pain bio – bead made with organic ingredients

Pain a l’ancienne – bread made using traditional methods

Pain de Mie – soft white bread semi-sweet, mostly used for sandwiches.

Boule – a round loaf

Ficelle – a thin baguette (ficelle in French means string)

Pain de seigle – a loaf with 2/3 rye flour and 1/3 wheat flour

Pain au noix – bread filled with nuts.

Pain Viennois – sweeter version of the baguette, often made industrially.

Pain aux raisins – a round sweet bread filled with raisin and often nuts.

Pain aux chocolat – sweet bread filled with chocolate.


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Written By

Erica Berman

Erica Berman grew up in Lexington, Mass. After graduating from Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Journalism and an intensive summer at Middlebury College (Vermont), Erica went to Paris with hopes of submerging herself in French culture and perfecting her French -- and she stayed 20 years. Erica is the founder of the HiP Paris Blog and Haven In her former company. She now splits her time between Paris (Montmartre) and Maine (Midcoast). She recently started a non-profit growing organic produce for the food insecure in Maine called Veggies to Table. In her all-too-rare free time, Erica likes to travel off the beaten track, explore Paris and Maine, read, take photos, cook, kayak, hike and enjoy long Sunday brunches with her friends. View Erica Berman's Website

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