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Insider Tips: My Little Paris

by Genevieve Sandifer


Courtesy of My Little Paris

Although we here at the HipParis blog are always on the lookout for original ways to roam the city of lights, we can always use a little help from an informed friend. We recently were very pleased to discover that ally in the shape of Paris’ premiere e-mail list for under-the-radar gems, aptly named “My Little Paris“.

My Little Paris is the brainchild of in-the-know Parisian Fany Pechiodat who, out of love for the city of lights, made it her mission to walk into every hidden storefront or unknown boutique that was lucky enough to cross her wandering path. What started out as a weekly e-mail to 50 close friends has, a year and a fetching website later, turned into a bi-weekly email to over 60 000 French and International subscribers.

Twice a week, Fany and her intimate band of scouters publish a little nugget of info with just enough cachet to spice up your weeknight or Saturday afternoon plans. A secret tango club one day, a trend-setting expo the next… They pride themselves on bringing to light unassuming and otherwise completely overlooked exhibits, boutiques, restaurants; even an underground cocktail lounge with en-suite pool!  We were curious to find out just how this convenient and playful publication came about, so we gave Fany a call and she was happy to answer some of our questions.

Several years ago while working in the perfume industry, Fany decided she couldn’t keep for herself all the fun and quirky hotspots she happened upon on a daily basis. Quite the detective, she began devoting much of her spare time to barging in on every storefront that piqued her interest, and relating her adventures in a nightly e-mail to a list of very fortunate friends. What started out as a few close intimates quickly ballooned, through word of mouth, into a potential business idea… And the rest is history. With her sister to write, a Japanese artist to illustrate and a network of insiders to spill the beans on what trickles past their ears, she established a trusted, unpretentious source for uncovering original and useful conversation-piece articles.

Although the articles are in French for the time being, a surge of requests has pushed the My Little Paris crew to start humming on an English version, to debut in May. In the meantime, stay tuned for our curated selection of favorites!

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My Little Paris
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Genevieve Sandifer

Genevieve was born in New York City and raised between London and Paris. Genevieve is part of the Haven in Paris team and is the editor of the Hip Paris blog. Unable to stay away from Paris for too long, she now splits her time between New York, Honolulu and Paris, where she keeps tabs on the Haven in Paris properties and service providers and scours the city for great bistros, cocktail bars and vintage stores. View Genevieve Sandifer's Website

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going to paris for a month in aug or sept, help on what to do for 30 days. thanks lee

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