Saignon: Provence’s artistic haven

by Genevieve Sandifer


Photos by Erica Berman

You could search for original holiday destinations for years, and still not happen upon something quite as magical as the  “Chambre avec Vue” properties in Saignon (Provence). Saignon is a modern-day artist colony that thrives thanks to the generous patronage of Kamila Regent.


For a Provence vacation that is off-the-beaten-path enough to actually feel like a retreat, you might be interested in exploring the Chambre avec Vue property in Saignon. Saignon Maison is a lovely one-bedroom studio located in the main house that features a unique mix of restful tones, lovingly selected antiques, and original artwork. Saignon Jardin, fittingly situated in the private garden just off of the main house, is ideal for reading, dining, socializing, or simply enjoying the changing seasons and colors of Provence


In this down-to-earth yet fantastical corner of Provence, artists are invited to stay at the property in exchange for enriching the space with the product of their inspirations. The Kamila Regent Gallery nurtures and maintains the creative relationships it has developed with the number of artists it has welcomed over the years.

The artwork displayed in situ through the property is the product of artists’ sojourns, in line with an intentional intermingling of art and everyday living. For the past fifteen years, artists have left both permanent and transitory evidence of their inspiration in the house and garden:

Paintings, sculptures, photography, drawings, videos are all presented in the midst of everyday objects through the 19th century residence, illustrating the play of contrasts between the contemporary and the classic, the utilitarian and the fanciful, the banal and the extraordinary elements that beckon to visitors’ imaginations as they walk through the halls.


Despite all this intellectual and creative fervor, Saignon offers a blissful and enchanting environment to retire from the world and contemplate the beauty and abundance of nature and human creativity.

dscn1977Kamila Regent also encourages everyone who has a little extra space to invite an artist to explore a variation of the work he or she produced while at Saignon.

Find out more about Chambre avec Vue and Kamila Regent’s wonderful work here
To find out more about a holiday at Saignon, contact [email protected]

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