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Focaccia & Cappuccino for breakfast . . . in Genoa

by Erica Berman
Focaccia from le Coq Noir

Focaccia in Genoa is a mouthwatering mix of chewy, salty and olive oily. At its best it is crunchy on the edges and soft and warm in the middle. The Genovese wholeheartedly consume Focaccia all day long, but they especially devour it at breakfast.  Initially I was skeptical at this seemingly odd combination of sweet and salty, but I was quickly converted.  There is something magical about the combination of focaccia and cappuccino.  I should know, I have nicely accustomed myself to the mix – every morning.

Focaccia in Genoa comes in various forms the most popular being a baked dough of about an inch in width imbibed in extra virgin olive oil, covered in sea salt and served in long thin rectangles. The next most popular kinds of focaccia are focaccia col formaggio (with cheese), onion, and focaccia with olives.  The focaccia does not stop here, there are thick focaccias  thin crispy ones,  and even sweet nutella covered ones. The Breakfast, and most popular, focaccia is invariably the deliciously  simple oil and sea salt version. To me, focaccia is a perfect, albeit slightly greasy, start to the day.


Cappuccino from Baribaldi

Recipe Focaccia alla Genovese (In Italian- sorry, I couldn’t find an authentic looking one in English)

My favorite focaccia shop in Genoa:

Pane e Tulipani – Via Macelli di Soziglia 75/R centro storico, Genoa, Italy

My favorite Cafés for a Cappucino and a focaccia (or brioche, did I mention that those are great here as well) in the morning:

Bar Magenta -Corso Magenta 21r

Le Coq Noir,  Corso Firenze 73-75/r Genoa

Il Botteghino delle Vigne, Piazza delle Vigne 21r, Genoa

Caffe degli Specchi  – Salita Pollaiuoli 43r, Genoa

Baribaldi – Via Garibaldi  Genoa

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Erica Berman

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That is a Beautiful piece of focaccia bread! YUM!!!!

Yum! Thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to go to Pane e Tulipani tomorrow morning for focaccia. I, too, love it in the morning.

I am jealous… this must mean you are currently in Genoa?

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