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By Rebecca Leffler, La Fleur de Paris

As Edith Piaf once said, “Je vois la vie en Rose.” I certainly see la vie en … Rose Bakery. The bakery / eatery, co-owned by a British woman (Rose) and her husband, is a Franco-Anglo-Saxon twist on all things breakfast, lunch and brunch.

The original Rose Bakery is located on the trendy rue des Martyrs in the 9th arrondissement and has expanded to a second location in the “Haut Marais” on the rue Debelleyme. Rose serves up the best brunch in town, but doesn’t take reservations, so expect to wait for a while, unless you arrive on a Saturday or Sunday before noon (as I’ve learned to do).

You can dine inside or opt to take away the fresh salads of the day, homemade mini-quiches or delectable scones and cakes. The staff at le Marais location are cheery and friendly and the house-made bread and butter are reason alone to head over. Both the more Japanese-influenced fare at the Marais location or the more British homestyle cuisine at the original rue des Martyrs spot use fresh ingredients, organic veggies and serve both meat and vegetarian options.

The specials change every day, so even the most loyal customers are forced to try new things and taste the season’s freshest ingredients. And, at reasonable prices relative to the quality (think: 12,50€ for a quiche or pizzette and side salads, 13€ for a cheese scone and scrambled eggs, or around 3-4€ for a dessert tart or cake), I continue to see the world through rose-colored plates.

Rose Bakery
46, rue des Martyrs, 75009 / 30, rue Debelleyme, 75003
Hours: 10am – 4pm, closed Monday / Hours: 9am – 7pm, closed Monday

Rebecca Leffler is the France Correspondent for the Hollywood Reporter. Check out her blog here.

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7 comments on “La Vie en Rose (Bakery)

All the restaurants that have had flowery write-ups in the newspaper, that serve organic food and cultivate a hip atmosphere still have cooks, waiters and dishwashers who are stressed, depressed, bored and looking for something else. Staff at Rose Bakery are treated badly, paid minimum wage without a contract and don’t get breaks. Also the behind the scenes nothing is recycled and they throw loads of food in the bin so the wholesome image of the Bakery as a environmentally friendly conscience lifting place to eat is just a facade to make you pay more for your omelet. The owners must be raking it in as the staff certainly don’t see any of that profit made on that 15 euro quiche you just bought!!

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Rose bakery? I am sorry but never ever again. Dry cake, pistache taste like lemon, it was bad. I thougt i got the wrong check, 6 euro’s for something i can make loads better! So i asked back my money and they gave it. Staff is friendly, shop looks like it’s been designed by an infant.

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