Festival d’Automne: Art Abounds in Paris

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The P&O Ferries UK blog has written up a wonderful account of this year’s Festival d’Automne, which is taking place from now until December 19.

resize_eve_photo1_rodrigobouche350Rodrigo Garcia – Versus – at the Theatre du Rond Point Nov 18-22

In Paris, when the leaves begin to fall as a sign of autumn’s arrival, actors, musicians and dancers alike come together to celebrate contemporary art. Rosie Khdir explores the delights of the Festival d’Automne.

Forty events in four months in over 150 venues in Paris, involving the original works of artists across the globe – this is what is expected of the Festival d’Automne.

Festival D'Automne Paris

The festival was founded by Michel Guy in 1972 in collaboration with the President of the French Republic, George Pompidou, as a non-profit organisation to exhibit the works of new and unheard of avant-garde artists.

Back for its 38th edition, this year’s programme looks as impressive as ever, with a tribute to dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham, who died earlier this year. His company will present Nearly Ninety at the Théâtre de Ville, a performance featuring 13 dancers accompanied by the music of Takeshi Kosugi, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin’s bass and keyboards player) and by the four members of Sonic Youth.

MERCE390Practice Nearly 90 Merce Cunningham Spring 2009 –  The Advocate

Theatre lovers will not be disappointed, with the Wooster Group performing Vieux Carré, a play by Tennessee Williams written shortly before his death, at the Centre Pompidou. The American Repertory Theatre Boston will also be staging an adaption of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, exploring the ability of words to change the course of history.

These are just a few of the treats in store for audiences this autumn as Paris becomes an avant-garde playground, featuring artists of all art forms. The performances run from 15th September until 19th December and are shown in venues and theatres in and around the capital.

Here is the full list of shows. Note from Erica, wish I could be there!

A few exhibitions worth checking out:

Sunrise East, Jardin des Tuileries


How does it feel?, Le Centquatre


Ordet de Kaj Munk, Théâtre du Rond-Point


Notre terreur, La Colline, Théâtre national


For more information, visit the Festival d’Automne website.

resize_eve_photo2_morefuture-poupeney-3_350Faustin Linykula – “more more more … future”
Nov 12-14, 2009 Maison des Arts Creteil

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