Fiac Paris, Oct 22-25, 09 Contemporary Art’s Creme de la Creme

by Genevieve Sandifer

True to Parisian form, Fiac, the international contemporary art fair taking place October 22-25, aims to impress. Hundreds of works, spread throughout the Tuilleries gardens, the Cour Carrée of the Louvre and the Grand Palais, promise to shock, amaze, frustrate and provoke – just what the French (and Francophiles) need to get a little healthy, argumentative blood flowing.

yvesstlaurentsbulldog1986Warhol – Yves St. Laurent’s Bulldog 1986   (

Starting October 20th at 10pm sharp, artists Fabien and Raphael Siboni will set off with one loud bang an entire 15-minute firework display, and trust that questioning the meaning of sensorial perception and entertainment won’t provoke too much ire from the Louvre’s more established neighbors. The gardens will be populated throughout the week with the larger and more fantastical installation and performance pieces, such as Vincent Olinet’s floating canopy bed (Pas encore mon histoire), Prinz Gholam’s performance piece Air, or Laurent Tixador’s Jumping Beans, an elevated structure which the artist will make his home for the length of the exhibition.

bruit1Jean-Claude Ruggirello – Bruits (

While the Grand Palais will be mostly devoted to established giants of the contemporary art world (Pollock, Warhol, Basquiat and the like), the Cour Carrée will cater more to emerging artists. The end goal: for all, exposure. For a select few: the Marcel Duchamp prize – the victor wins a 2-month long exhibit at the Pompidou Museum — or the Lafayette prize, bestowed upon young and emerging artists for work commissioned by the Galleries Lafayette. For the rest of us: conversation fodder for at least the next dinner party.

Fiac – October 22-25, Paris. For more information, click here

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