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Cheese: Secrets for Storing Your Finds from the Fromagerie

by Sarah Raymond
cheese plate parisClockwise from the blue cheese: Roquefort;
Bouchon de Sancerre; Tome Fermière; Rocamodour

Ever wonder why, when you buy cheese in a proper cheese shop, it comes wrapped in a piece of lined wax paper?  Until I lived in France, I always thought that plastic wrap was the way to go.  It was only when a kind fromager in Lyon introduced me to this aspect of French life that I learned I had been killing the character of my cheeses with the clear, clingy wrap.  This week, Nora Singley, the resident Cheesemonger over at The Kitchn, explains the reason behind the wrapping and why plastic wrap is a no-no – regardless of how stinky the cheese.

Wrapped cheesePhoto courtesy of (Faith Durand)

You can see Nora’s full post, which includes simple step-by-step instructions for wrapping cheese and accompanying photos, here. I personally am a proponent of the cheese-dedicated tupperware, which has a permanent home in my refrigerator.  Not only does it keep my refrigerator free of smells from my more odorific fromages, but it also keeps all my cheese in the same place and prevents me from buying more than I need; i.e. more than will fit in the container.  I’m not sure how I feel about labeling and dating all the cheeses as Nora instructs – after all, I’m not one to throw out unfinished bits of cheese, no matter how old they are – but the rest is spot on.

So, next time you bring home a collection of quality cheeses – be they from a Parisian fromagerie or from your neighborhood market back home  – you’ll know how best to preserve them.  Bon appétit!

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Sarah Raymond

Sarah is a native New Yorker and lifelong Francophile. After starting her career at Haven in Paris, Sarah went off to hone her business skills at Darden and BCG before racing back to startup land. These days she runs operations at Context Travel as their Global Program Director, where she's based out of NYC and spends as much time as possible traveling back to Paris, on the hunt for the best French cheeses! View Sarah Raymond's Website

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