Galipette Pastry Lab: Yet Another Reason to Eat Caramel

by Nichole Robertson

Our friend Nichole Robertson (of Little Brown Pen) stumbled upon Galipette’s delectable caramels on Etsy last year. They’re no longer available online, but if you’re in Paris, stop by Galipette’s Pastry Lab (in the 2nd) to bask in the deliciousness…

caramel 2All photos courtesy of Little Brown Pen

Text by Nichole Robertson


french [ga’li’pɛt] nf fam

* somersault, cartwheel;
* an acrobatic stunt performed by turning the body one full revolution forward or backward, heels over head;
* a physical expression of joy, excitement and childlike glee, suddenly inspired by tasting something thoroughly delicious.

The above is both the definition of my new favorite french word, and the shop intro of Galipette—a French Pastry Lab in Paris.

caramel one

I stumbled upon Galipette while searching for an etsy shop that sells salted caramels. Can you say BINGO ladies and gentlemen? Salted caramels are second only to eclairs when it comes to my confectionary addictions.

In addition to salted caramels, Galipette also sells hazelnut, chocolate nib, chocolate almond, pepper, and an entire collection of caramels inspired by recent travels in Japan. Check out these flavors:

Pyramides [ginger lemongrass]
A spicy caramel with intense ginger flavor, complemented by a fresh touch of lemongrass

Solférino [black sesame]
Our classic smooth caramel packed with the nutty flavor of toasted black sesame seeds

Yoyogi [yuzu bergamot]
A refreshing blend of exotic citrus with nuggets of candied yuzu, topped with peppery yuzu sansho herbs

I’m having a hard time deciding. I know the purist in me will order the fleur de sel caramels, but what other flavors should I get? Decisions, decisions.

galipette. 31 rue Dussoubs, 75002 Paris. Contact: [email protected]

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Nichole Robertson

Nichole is a writer, photographer and author of Paris In Color (Chronicle Books, April 2012). She began the Paris Color Project when she moved to Paris in January 2009. What started as daily blog photos blossomed into a three-year project.When she's not photographing Paris, eating French butter, or baking cake, she's writing. Nichole co-runs a multidisciplinary creative studio with her husband Evan, and writes copy for clients like Real Simple, Bravo TV, Tribal DDB, Amala Beauty and Estee Lauder brands. View Nichole Robertson's Website

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