Simply Paris by Jennifer Causey

by Nichole Robertson

Our friend Nichole Robertson over at Little Brown Pen just clued us into Jennifer Causey’s new book, Simply Paris, which is a photographic journey through the City of Light.


Ever have one of those moments where you jump off your chair, couch, whatever you happen to be sitting on? Well a few minutes ago, I had one of those moments.

It happened when I was reading Jennifer Causey’s blog. I’ve been a huge fan of her Simply Breakfast blog for years, and it’s a constant in my Google reader. Apparently, I was a little behind in my reading, because on January 29, she announced her new book—Simply Paris.

Now I’m sure most of you can figure out why I jumped. Paris, Paris, Paris, yeah, yeah, yeah. But what you don’t know is that I adore Jennifer’s photos (seriously she could photograph torn paper and I’d like it), and the marriage of her photos and Paris, and well …

I just snapped up a copy, and I suggest you check it out: Simply Paris by Jennifer Causey

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Written By

Nichole Robertson

Nichole is a writer, photographer and author of Paris In Color (Chronicle Books, April 2012). She began the Paris Color Project when she moved to Paris in January 2009. What started as daily blog photos blossomed into a three-year project.When she's not photographing Paris, eating French butter, or baking cake, she's writing. Nichole co-runs a multidisciplinary creative studio with her husband Evan, and writes copy for clients like Real Simple, Bravo TV, Tribal DDB, Amala Beauty and Estee Lauder brands. View Nichole Robertson's Website

One comment on “Simply Paris by Jennifer Causey

Just received Simply Paris in the mail. What a lovely and inspiring photo essay. Thanks so much for making me aware of it and of Jennifer.

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