The Perfect Paris Wedding: Custom Gowns from Lohr Couture

by Heather Jerue

HiP Paris friend and wedding planner, Heather, from Rendez-Vous in Paris, recently met with Aimée Lohrebauer, an utterly romantic wedding & cocktail gown designer who recently opened a delightfully inviting atelier in Paris. A talented designer, she has taught at Parsons School of Design and freelanced for companies including Ralph Lauren, Kenzo and Nina Ricci. After years of working for other brands, she is now putting the finishing touches on her first official gown collection, signed LOHR Couture.

Lohr Couture - Rendez-Vous in Paris

While sipping tea out of vintage china and nibbling sweet macarons seated in velour covered chairs she’d spotted at a local brocante (flea market), Aimée talked frankly and earnestly with Heather of her passion for design, fashion and weddings.

So, what’s the best part of being a gown designer?

First, with her gaze drifting towards the sunny window, she came out with a true artist’s response: “Draping,” she said, “the step between the design on paper and the first pattern. While working, laying, scrunching and draping the silk, satin or lace on the dummy, the fabric is full of possibilities and has the potential to become anything.”

Then, she looked me in the eye and came out with a true woman’s response : “And, the moment the dress is ready. I take 2 steps back and realize it’s perfect – there’s a feeling of accomplishment, admiration and 2 seconds of pride, followed by excitement. Once it’s done, I can’t wait to show the bride!”

Lohr Couture - Rendez-Vous in Paris

“Being a designer in Paris, I can’t imagine it being hard to find inspiration,” I told her. Then again, there is so much going on in the fashion world, it must be a challenge to stick to one’s own personal style. So I asked her, what is her style, and where does she get her inspiration?

Her favorite époque is the 1890’s-1930’s, which is evident in the way she’s decorated her very welcoming boutique. She loves perusing old books and flea markets, letting the quality and romance give her ideas for new creations. With a love of delicate French silk and lace, and appreciation for French pattern-makers & couture talent, what better place to open up shop than Paris!

Lohr Couture - Rendez-Vous in ParisAimée creates two collections per year, but these are mainly meant to serve as ideas and trials for clients. Every creation is modifiable, and fully sur-mesure gowns (custom-made) are her passion.

The ideal client for LOHR Couture is feminine, sensitive, fashion conscious and a true vintage devotee. For her, it’s not just a dress, it’s her wedding dress. She wants a relationship with it, to see it created from start to finish — after-all it is the robe she’ll be wearing when she says her vows!

I asked who her favorite vendors are in Paris, and she said:
“For men’s wedding attire, I always refer clients to Samson. For fabulous jewelry that can dress up or dress down the perfect gown, I recommend the talented Genevieve. And for the most creative event design and wedding planning assistance, I suggest calling Heather from Rendez-vous in Paris!” (aww isn’t she sweet!)

LOHR, 31 rue Etienne Marcel, Paris 75001. To get in touch with Aimée Lohrebauer, please contact Heather at [email protected].

You can also contact Aimée directly here: +33 1 71 60 97 02

Written by Heather, Wedding Planner from Rendez-Vous in Paris. Photos by One and Only Paris Photography. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

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