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Dinner in Paris at Hidden Kitchen w/David Lebovitz & Meg Zimbeck

by Claudia Strasser

When I heard that the lovely Lily of Context Travel was organizing a dinner at Hidden Kitchen hosted by David Lebovitz and Meg Zimbeck, I jumped at the occasion. I was lucky enough to attend Hidden Kitchen over a year ago and was itching for the chance to return and experience Braden’s cooking again … The problem? It’s always sold out! This particular dinner was to be a combination gourmet meal and chance to get to know David, Meg, and Context travel in an intimate setting (there are only 16 guests at a time at Hidden Kitchen).

HiddenKitchentableEBBErica Berman

The lucky guests were to hear all about David’s decadent new dessert cookbook and the inevitable trials and tribulations of his life  amongst the frenchies. We also got to learn about Meg and her culinary adventures. Meg is a Paris food writer and is currently in the final stages of developing (along with quite an impressive team) a new Paris foodie website, “Paris by Mouth” to be unveiled on June 1…..more on that soon on the HiP Paris Blog! As my friend Claudia from Miami is in town doing decorating wonders for a client, I invited her to join in the fun. It was an evening of fabulous food and conversation galore – one to remember and hopefully repeat. Below Claudia reminisces about this unique Parisian experience.  Enjoy! – Erica

DavidLebovitzMegZMeg Zimbeck

Bonsoir everyone!

Friday night was truly one I will never forget and feel privileged to have been invited to such a soiree magnifique. It felt like we stepped back in time to a salon gathering of some of the great young minds and talents residing and making their marks in Paris.

From the moment we walked into the foyer and were handed champagne, the night was pure magic. As the 16 guests arrived, we mingled and chatted and the air was palpable with what our palettes were about to experience!

If you’re in Paris, I highly suggest you make a reservation at hidden kitchen. Our host and hostess, Braden and Laura are the most charming and talented American couple you could hope to meet on your trip, and the exquisite beauty of everything from the decor of their apartment to every morsel served was sublime!

Their mantle was tres adorable, and the menu was abbreviated but we were beyond satiated.

HiddenKitchen-Montage2Erica Berman

The amuse bouche was très amusant.

HK Montage 1Claudia Strasser – Amuse Bouche: fried rabbit & lentils,
caramelized white chocolate cake & rhubarb sorbet.

Who knew a poached egg could be sculpted?

HiddenKitchenpoachedEggsaladEBBErica Berman

The theme was a bit of a twist on American classics, like buffalo wings and sliders (Note from Erica: Braden’s version of ‘Buffalo wings’ was a delectable buttermilk fried rabbit with  spicy tabasco, buttered lentils, grilled celery and a blue cheese salad. His sliders were Braised beef cheeks served on homemade sesame rolls with mayonnaise, pickles and shoestring fries – yumm!).

HKSlidersMegZimbeckMeg Zimbeck

David Lebovitz’s caramelized white chocolate dessert recipe was the perfect cherry on top of the fantastic feast.

Our hosts were the lovely Meg Zimbeck and king David himself who held court and entertained us with stories of life in Paris, including the trials and tribulations of trying to break a 50 Euro bill  (the French only take out 40 euros at a time to avoid beaucoup drama). David is an American pastry genius who is living here in Paris and enjoying life to the fullest. He just published his 6th book Ready for Dessert which we were given as a gift to end off the evening and I can’t wait to dive right in.

LilyfromContextTravelMegZMeg Zimbeck – Lily from Context Travel

The evening was put together by Context Travel which runs incredible walking tours (some given by Meg and David themselves).  I’d love to sign up for one of those afternoons of decadence! They also do private itineraries (they just did one that included everything from a private trip to the Louvre when it was closed to laser tag)!

So that was ma nuit! Hidden Kitchen is open to everyone and I hope you’ll indulge. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy an intimate evening making new friends, time traveling, and oh yeah, experiencing a gastronomic extravaganza! As good as the food was, the conversation, atmosphere and the one-of-a-kind occasion I will treasure forever.

BradenEBBHidden Kitchen chef Braden – Erica Berman

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Note from Erica: For those of you currently hanging in the city of light, David will be signing the new book, Ready for Dessert at WH Smith on May 19th at 7pm. Speaking for one who has the book . . . you should all run to the store and get one before they sell out. The recipes look delicious. I can’t wait to start testing them out!

And here is the menu in full in case you are interested!


Written by Claudia Strasser,  for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

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Claudia Strasser

Haven in Paris is a short-term luxury apartment and villa agency with properties in Paris, Provence, and Tuscany. We hope you'll enjoy reading our updates on food, lifestyle and travel happenings on our blog, Hip Paris. View Claudia Strasser's Website

10 comments on “Dinner in Paris at Hidden Kitchen w/David Lebovitz & Meg Zimbeck

Thanks Lily. I was so glad to be in Paris and able to come. I’m waiting for the next one now. And Little Miss Cupcake, you definitely need to try it if you can!!

I did read about them somewhere (maybe here) some months ago and immdly booked for my upcoming September trip. I am already very excited about the dinner! Usually my trips to Paris are only about business, but now I am convinced to add always some pleasure to them as well.

Erica thanks for sharing this incredible looking meal extravaganza with all of us!

Simply Luxurious

Looks like it was an amazing time. And the food, thank you for sharing images of the food – lovely and delicious, I’m sure. I have been curious to flip through some of David’s books, this has definitely been good motivation to pick one up. Thank you!

Thanks Lily. I was so glad to be in Paris and able to come. I’m waiting for the next one now. And Little Miss Cupcake, you definitely need to try it if you can!!

Rebecca-New England Candy Co.

Wow! I would have loved to have been at that dinner.

What fun, you are lucky indeed.

New England Candy Co.

Little Miss Cupcake

Wow, what a great dinner that must have been! I have wanted to try Hidden Kitchen for a long time now — if I could just convince the hubby (who veers towards anti-social!). David is one of my fave bloggers and I could imagine it must have been a uniquely entertaining evening.

Great Post Erica! I’m so glad you got to participate in this special evening! The wonderful memories and delectable flavors are still milling in my mind! A bientot!

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