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Paris’ Hidden Gems: Secret Movie Locations

by Badaude
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Badaude (“a person given to idle observation of everything with wonder or astonishment; a credulous or gossipy idler”) is an award-winning illustrator who writes and draws a weekly column for The Times Fashion, and whose work has also appeared in The Guardian as well as many other publications worldwide. Artist-in-residence at legendary Paris bookshop, Shakespeare & Company and the Port Eliot Festival, she teaches at The Idler Academy and her illustrated book of London Walks is about to be published by the Tate. Her blog is a Webby Honoree. View Badaude's Website

6 comments on “Paris’ Hidden Gems: Secret Movie Locations

Hotel du Nord, such a great place in a wonderful location by the Canal Saint Martin. We had a great night when we were last there for our review. Nostalgic, romantic and oozing with atmosphere.

Place de Furstemberg was also the location of the famous last scene in The Age of Innocence by MScorsese.

Penelope Tsaldari

Beautifully written and researched. So very much enjoyed the tour and points of interest which I shall log for my next jaunt to Paris. One of my very favorite cities in the world. You are so right – Americans love Paris. Guess that’s why so many movies and books have been written about it. This was a great read, articulate and concise. I’m very glad I’ve subscribed.

A tout a l’heure

Oh so frustrating I havent seen all those movies yet. Now you just added some more to my list AGAIN. But I love that. Thanks a lot. Love this blog.

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