Getting Your Vegetarian Indian Fix in Paris: Krishna Bhavan

by Kim Laidlaw

Kim Laidlaw, the hip British expat (and Paris insider) behind the I Heart Paris blog recently gave up her favorite Paris Indian rec, an unassuming spot in the La Chapelle area: Krishna Bhavan. As Parisians know, it can be frustratingly hard to get serious Indian food in this otherwise limitless foodie capital. Eager to share her find, here is her post below…

Indian Food Paris Krishna BhavanKrishna Bhavan Indian Food – Kim Laidlaw

When it comes to Indian food, I’ve got high standards. For a start, I come from the UK, the country whose national dish is chicken tikka. I’m a well seasoned traveller on the Indian sub continent and even when I nip back to London, a trip to the Brick Lane curry houses is usually on the cards. So what’s a gal to do when she craves Sag Aloo in Paris, where Indian food isn’t the foreign fare of choice and when it is they put Laughing Cow cheese in their naan bread? Go to La Chapelle in North Eastern Paris, that’s what.

Indian Food Paris Krishna BhavanKrishna Bhavan Indian Food – Kim Laidlaw

This area, not far from Gare du Nord, is Paris’ Indian quarter and is lined with Indian restaurants, grocers and sari shops. The center of this hub is the rue Cail, where my long time favorite Indian restaurant on the street, and by default, in the whole of Paris, can be found: Krishna Bhavan. It’s a small and unassuming  joint, decorated with kitsch hindi statuettes and packed with all kinds of people delighted to be getting their curry fix on. The restaurant is entirely vegetarian and my dish of choice is the Thali, a huge platter with a little bit of everything in it – dahl, aloo ghobi, aubergines, popadoms and even rice pudding. I would also recommend the delicious mango lassi but you’d have to be rolled out of the place if you ate a meal and drank one of those too. To top it all off, the menu is extremely purse friendly with a main course coming in at about 5 euros. Next time you crave a proper authentic Indian in Paris, you know where to go.

Krishna Bhavan
24, rue Cail, 75010
+33 (0)
Métro: Gare du Nord, La Chapelle
Open: Every day 11am – 11pm

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Written By

Kim Laidlaw

London-import Kim Laidlaw is the creator of insider city guide Unlock Paris. After studying History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre, she decided to make Paris her home and has lived here for 8 years and counting. Kim writes travel guides for Lonely Planet, Thames and Hudson and Dorling Kindersley, and articles for the BBC and Conde Nast, as well as copywriting for ad agencies in Paris and copyediting for several fashion magazines, including Fashion For Men and Self Service. View Kim Laidlaw's Website

10 comments on “Getting Your Vegetarian Indian Fix in Paris: Krishna Bhavan

Hi Allie,
Glad you like it! Other great vegetarian / vegan places in Paris I’d recommend are Bob’s Juice Bar ( and Bob’s Kitchen ( which are entirely veggie and very vegan friendly, Rose Bakery (which has 3 branches throughout Paris) and Nanashi (2 branches, one in the 10th, one in the Northern Marais ) healthy Japanese inspired food – both serve meat but have good veggie options and are just fab. Petit Usagi also has a yummy veggie bento Soya- which is entirely veggie and organic – isn’t bad either
Hope that helps!

Hey, this is a great recommendation! I was wondering if you have any other great vegetarian/Vegan places to check out? I am living in Paris and, well… as im a sure you know … it isnt really Vegan friendly unless you want pizza “sans le fromage!”


The best curries can be found down the Lane, of course!

Ooh fantastic recommendation – I shall remember that for next time we visit Paris. My husband and I used to live not too far from Brick Lane in Hackney, he is also veggie so we do struggle when travelling to find good food 🙂

Leesa – glad you found us! Let us know what you think when you try out Krishna Bhavan.
Lily – If I can drag myself away from Krishna Bhavan, I’ll give your recommendation a go next time I’m in the area. Thanks for the tip!
Candice – interestingly put. Krishna Bhavan probably wouldn’t feature on a top ten Indian restaurants of the world list, but it certainly is authentic, tasty and great value, and if you’re craving some veggie Indian fare in Paris, it really does hit the spot!

Hi all. I wanted to add my personal favorite the New Madras also on rue Cail. Yumm!! Erica

OHH!! I’m so happy to have found your blog and in particular, this post! I LOVEEEEEEEEE Indian food and haven’t found ANY good restos in the Paris region! I’ll have to try this one for sure!

I’m a big fan of Indian food, but I haven’t tried Krishna Bhavan, certainly a reason to go to Little India! For good and very reasonably priced Sri Lanki specialties try New Ganesha up the street on the corner of Louis Blanc and Perdonnet. It’s not the most elegant place, but very tasty!

Candice at NotesFromABroad

We used to go to the Indian place ( whose name is long forgotten) in Shepherds Market in London and even though I lived in NYC, that is the Indian Food that was the standard to which all others had to try to meet…and rarely did.
I never had Indian in Paris, just last week we had it here … in Buenos Aires.
I guess when your choices are so few, your taste bud memories are so dim, things sometimes don’t taste that bad … but your post reminds me of how long it really has been since I have had good Ethnic food .. I want some Aloo Gobi !
*just another reason why we need to be in Paris asap*

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