Paris Fashion: 5 Fall Essentials

by Badaude

Badaude, the talented illustrator and Paris editor at the Style Bible, brings us here her top 5 fall fashion must-haves, as portrayed by her characteristic sketches of Parisiennes. Thanks to her advice we are off to start building our collection of opaque tights in bright fall hues!

What’s a French classic? We all know about trench coats and berets, though I’m not too sure many people wear them outside Amelie. There is a Paris ‘uniform’. If you want to fit in – or if you want to give it a go because, well, fifty million French girls can’t be wrong, here are the items I see on the street all the time.

Have I missed anything? Let me know…

Badaude - Five Essentials for the Fall
Paris Fall Fashion Essentials – Badaude

Continue reading for more Paris fall fashion essentials…

Badaue - Fall Fashion Essentials Paris Paris Fall Fashion Essentials – Badaude

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Badaude (“a person given to idle observation of everything with wonder or astonishment; a credulous or gossipy idler”) is an award-winning illustrator who writes and draws a weekly column for The Times Fashion, and whose work has also appeared in The Guardian as well as many other publications worldwide. Artist-in-residence at legendary Paris bookshop, Shakespeare & Company and the Port Eliot Festival, she teaches at The Idler Academy and her illustrated book of London Walks is about to be published by the Tate. Her blog is a Webby Honoree. View Badaude's Website

12 comments on “Paris Fashion: 5 Fall Essentials

I would like to know what the over 50″s wear in paris in the summmer.

LOVE Badaude! I’m headed to Paris in a couple of weeks, can’t wait to check out the fashion.

love this.
thanks for it.
heading to Aix and Paris next month for Christmas and New Years, and now I will be prepared!

I’m not sure of the best place for opaques, but I do like Tabio for socks and tights.

Where is a good place to buy opaques in Paris?

Oh Wow! With red cowboy boots too?

Ah! I may be the red-tights, all black girl;)

I think fall is a bit of a moveable feast in Paris. Sometimes you wake up to frost: sometimes you’re in the streets at 10pm and have to take off your jacket because it still feels like a late summer evening. But one thing remains constant: Parisiennes go from bare legs to thick opaques with very few deniers in-between.

Sounds good to me. I “rocked” the opaque tight look when I was there 2 weeks ago although maybe I was too early. I seemed to be the only one not with “nude” legs.

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