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10 Signs That Spring Has Arrived In Paris

by Carin Olsson

…When you can eat ice cream outside and actually, perhaps for the first time, really enjoy the coldness. Maybe you even have to hurry up a bit since the ice cream is melting.

…When you wake up and it’s light outside. And if you’re lucky, the sun might even be shining! It’s a true delight when you don’t have to take that walk to the metro in complete darkness.

…When people are starting to gather along the Seine, just to sit and enjoy themselves. To soak up the very first, warm rays of sunshine. It can’t possible get any more Paris than this during springtime.

…When the early-evening hours are almost as bright as late afternoon. When you can still feel the warmth in the air past 5pm, so you don’t have to hurry back home because your fingers are freezing to death.

…When every outdoor table of every bistro, café and restaurant in the city is completely full, packed with people enjoying their first meal outside in the sun. Even though it’s a pain not being able to get a table when you want to, I can still be happy about the fact that people are sitting outside!

…When you see that even the Parisians are baring their legs, daring to wear that first dress, skirt or even just an open shoe. When you see people layering less, and perhaps even wildly removing a scarf, pair of gloves or (gasp) a jacket.

…When all the balconies, windows and gardens in Paris fill up overnight with new plants and flowers. I love to see the green taking over more and more of the city.

…When the new items, for the warmer season that’s approaching, start dominating the display windows in every store. Skirts, sandals, dresses and spring jackets – here we come!

…When all the green “boxes” along the Seine open up and the old bouquinistes take their places, waiting for the tourists to nibble on their bait.

…When you can sit outside in the sun – reading a book, getting some work done or just relaxing by yourself — and feel like it’s actually warming you up. Maybe you even have to unbutton your coat (or even better, take it off completely)…

Written by Carin Olsson for the HiP Paris Blog. All images by Carin Olsson. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in London, Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in.

Written By

Carin Olsson

Carin Olsson left both her job and family back in Sweden to pursue her longtime dream of moving to Paris. A big passion for food, sweets, the city itself and photography resulted in her blog, Paris in Four Months, where she shares her time in the city of light. View Carin Olsson's Website

13 comments on “10 Signs That Spring Has Arrived In Paris


I just ADORE Paris in the spring time and am supper excited to be visiting Paris this May, July and September. Spring really is the most magic time to be in Paris.

Felicia Shelton: Haha that sounds great. I know how you feel, I’m glued to my window as soon as the sun comes out!

Kiki: That sounds amazing! I would love to have a terrace or veranda right now.

Kelley: I hope you’ll have great weather on your trip!

Paris Rendez-vous: I think it will be sunny in 10 days as well! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Paris Rendez-vous

Paris is unbelievably beautiful in le printemps…can’t wait to join you in 10 days time! Hope it keeps sunny!

I am so excited to be in Paris 17 days from now! Keep the warm weather coming!!

yes, yes, yessss….. 🙂
i’ve already eaten twice in my veranda with 23C – i fixed the garden hose and we are ‘back’ to having our meals outside – Paris in springtime – we’re ready! Lovely post….

Roger Stowell: Yes, it’s really great. The city is just stunning now!

Mythili: I’m glad I could make you relive some memories 😉 I totally agree with you. It’s the small things that makes it so great.

Lindsey: Haha, you’re to funny!

Yesterday was Spring in Paris in all her glory and this morning is no different. I’m glued to my kitchen table as the sun shines through the window. It’s amazing!

P.S. I did have to remove my scarf, a reason alone to cheer that Spring is here!

*grabs trench and runs outside*

I read this post sitting in Dubai, which is setting into its HOT summers, and I am reminiscing about my year and half stint in Paris and re-lived those moments you mentioned in your post. Ah quel bonheur! One of my favorite things in spring was to go gallavanting along the quaint roads with artisanal boutiques in the Marais and I feel that people chatter away happily as well….I would go back to Paris in a heart beat 🙂

It’s great that spring is here! Paris is looking wonderful.

Jen: That’s great to hear! Spring is really amazing in the spring. I’m crossing my fingers for this fantastic weather to continue.

Sweet Frank: That sounds perfect. Then the weather will be a bit more “steady” and hopefully you’ll have a great time.

I’m leavning for Paris this afternoon and your post has reved up my excitment level. Can’t wait to see Paris in the spring!

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait! I’ll be there in one month’s time!

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