Book Giveaway: Nichole Robertson’s Paris in Color

by Nichole Robertson

We have been fans of Nichole Robertson ever since we first discovered her blog, Little Brown Pen, many moons ago. She manages to capture details of our favorite city that render it accessible, touching, intimate — even to those who haven’t walked her streets, ogling marché produce and perfectly coordinated café chairs in many years. We’re delighted to be offering a copy of her latest book, Paris in Color, to one lucky reader today — simply leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random winner on June 29. Want an extra entry? Pin this post and leave a link to it below in a separate comment (to ensure you have two entries!) – Geneviève. UPDATE: We have now selected winner. Congratulations to Jessie K. from Nova Scotia!

In January 2009, I moved to Paris with my husband, and two young sons. Despite the damp cold and relentless gray, we enjoyed exploring our new neighborhood. One day, I noticed a few objects in a similar shade of red, and shot them. As I walked, I found other things I liked in that shade and photographed those as well. When I returned home and uploaded them to my blog, the response was, “more!”

I quickly became obsessed, and spent weeks singling out different shades. Searching for colors is a surprisingly democratic process, as it’s just as likely to appear on something spectacular (Notre Dame) as it is on something pedestrian (a trash can). I didn’t question whether the object was famous, old, or important, I just shot it. The serendipitous nature of the process meant that I never had a plan, and that was part of the fun.

She also does postcards and prints! These are from her Valentine’s set

About a year later, I realized I was taking the kind of photos of Paris that as a raging Francophile I wanted to see, but could never find. There are plenty of photos of the Eiffel Tower and sunsets over the Seine, but when I wasn’t in Paris I wanted to BE in Paris–on the streets, sitting at a café, peering into a cheese shop, admiring the light on the cobblestones, noticing a charming sign for a €10 bouquet of tulips. I didn’t want the dressed up, tourist version of Paris, I wanted the Converse and t-shirt Paris. The Paris you see when you step out of the shadows of the monuments.

I’m consistently drawn to the way color contrasts Paris’ neutral facades, the way layers of paint erode into a form of abstract art, and to the details that are often overshadowed by the Eiffel Tower and other iconic landmarks. And that is what the Paris Color Project is about.

To win a copy of Paris in Color, simply leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random winner on June 29. Want an extra entry? Pin this post and leave a link to it below in a separate comment (to ensure you have two entries!)

Written by Nichole Robertson for the HiP Paris Blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, London, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in.


Written By

Nichole Robertson

Nichole is a writer, photographer and author of Paris In Color (Chronicle Books, April 2012). She began the Paris Color Project when she moved to Paris in January 2009. What started as daily blog photos blossomed into a three-year project.When she's not photographing Paris, eating French butter, or baking cake, she's writing. Nichole co-runs a multidisciplinary creative studio with her husband Evan, and writes copy for clients like Real Simple, Bravo TV, Tribal DDB, Amala Beauty and Estee Lauder brands. View Nichole Robertson's Website

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393 comments on “Book Giveaway: Nichole Robertson’s Paris in Color

Seems the Little Brown Pen blog has been taken down, what a pity, I loved looking at Nichole’s pictures.

oops i’m way behind…sorry, it’s July, haha!

this book looks amazing and would be perfect on my coffee table! 🙂

What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!
mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

Brenda A Elsner

Would love to win this book!!

I pinned it

and tweeted as @celticrn

Yes, I’ve been a fan for ages too and have some of their wonderful Paris Colour prints but of course would love a chance to win this beautiful book!

These pictures are a wonderful tease. Hope to see the rest!


I just came back from Paris,love that city

Shirley Zolenski

Awesome contest! Thanks

I have always wanted to visit Paris and I would
love to win this book

I would love to win this book! The pictures are amazing!

I’d love to have this!

inpiring idea

christal c willdebbie

this is a great book thanks

This book would defintely incite some major wanderlust. Great giveaway!

one of my favorite “best photographer”s ever. i would cherish her book.

Would love to win, thanks for contest

i would love this book, thanks for the giveaway!!

I would love to win this! I am a photographer AND a Francophile, so this would be amazing!

Love Paris! Can’t wait til I return. So looking forward to sharing with my children!

i would just soooooo love to win this – like many of your readers i am in love with paris and can’t wait to walk it’s streets again in october 🙂

How simply beautiful

love this idea

Simply some of the most evocative photos of Paris ever seen. Love it, I will buy the book for sure.

well, I don’t really believe I can win this book but I’ll try anyway!

I would love to win this book!!

I have followed Little Brown Pen and adored her beautiful images – this book would be an absolute treasure – fingers crossed big time !!

Oh, I would love to have this!!

Hi, I am new to your blog (via viki archers last post). I have subsribed via email. My husband tells me I am O.C.D when it comes to books about Paris and France- I would love Paris in colour to add to my collection and he wouldn’t be able to yell at me if I won it! Also, I have been longing to visit France most of my life- tried to get there last year for my 40th but finally this year I am travelling there with hubby and two small kids in tow- heres a challenge for you and it would help me- My youngest son has severe allergies to gluten, all dairy and soy. How can we navigate this. I know how to speak a little French but would be grateful for good resturants/cafes etc in at least in Paris. And how to ask about the ingredients. If you can help in any way? We leave at the start of september.xxCorrina T

Prettiest book of the year!

Brianne Chabassol

I have always felt I should have been born in Paris. Reading your blogs and winning this book would keep my soul satisfied until I finally am their <3

cover very cute

Wendy in Kennewick

I’ve been following Nicole’s beautiful blog for awhile and have been fascinated with her eye for color and lovely photos. I would love a copy of her book.

do I need an excuse for wanting a beautiful book on Paris?

a beautiful book!

Love Nichole Robertson’s work. Her photos inspired me on a recent trip to Paris. Thank you!

i would like to win

I have just recently discovered Little Brown Pen and find it utterly inspiring – it would be wonderful to win this!

Love it! This will make a great gift!!

As a travel photographer, I’m drawn to color everywhere I travel. I love that you took the concept above and beyond!

I love Nichole’s photograpy–it’s so evocative of Paris without being cliche.

A truly wonderful Book that brings Paris alive. We all love the architecture of Paris but this has introduced us to the spectacular colours of Paris and the simple pleasures that colour offers us.

What a treat!

Beautiful book, I love the work!

I love the pics.

I am so happy for Nichole ~ to have ‘Paris in Color’ at Shakespeare & CO., Musee Dorsay, and Anthropologie shops is a dream she deserves in every way.

Beautiful photos.

I am adoring that book cover!

I would so love to win this! My dream, from a very young age, has been to visit Paris and I’m closing in on age 40 (in August) and have still yet to go, would live vicariously through these pictures 🙂

Love how every single shot makes you smile with a memory of Paris. And really love her scooter photos.

Would LOVE to win this book. Everyone needs more Paris in their life…

I discovered Little Brown Pen through their Etsy site, and adore all the photos. Grouping them in color schemes just makes them all the more appealing, though I also love the set that is food themed!

It is, of course, more than pin-worthy:


Nichole’s work is so inspiring and always reminds me of time spent strolling the streets of Paris. She has an incredible eye for color and ability to get just the right photo to capture it! The beauty of Paris goes so far beyond the monuments and tourist sites and Nichole does a stunning job of capturing what you see when “step out of the shadows”.

Paris is my favourite place, this book looks beautiful, like it will take you to Paris through the images.

Malvina Beatrice

I’ve never been to Paris, having this book will probably make me feel closer. Love the colours!

What a beautiful looking book! would love to win it!

[email protected]

It’s so beautiful. I would love to add it to my coffee table!

This is exactly how I want my life to be in the future. Just exploring the streets of Paris. That is my dream <3

I was so excited at having a chance to win that I forgot to include my email address when I wrote:

Just discovered Nicole Robertson’s site and now yours! My husband and I are going to Paris later this year and I would love to win this book so that we could try to recreate some of her beautiful photos while we are there!!

Andrea C. Delgado

YEEEI!! I´m totally winning this!! -pleaseeee- =)

What a wonderful collection of snippets depicting the most marvelous city in the world! Would love to have this in my French inspired apartment 🙂

I would love love love this book!! What a great giveaway! 🙂



I found about about Nichole through Etsy, and I just fell in love with her whole aesthetic! Her photographs are simply gorgeous, as is her home (which you can see in some of her Etsy product photos). I can definitely see why this book is so popular!

So pretty! I love this.

i’d love to add this to my library.

What an interesting description! Even if I don’t win the book, I just might buy it to see.

Hi! I have just arrived here for the first time (via French Essence!) and I love your blog. I am one of those Francophiles from afar (Australia) who lives deliciously and vicariously through the lives of others who live en France!
Paris on Colour. Paris In the Nude. Paris in Greige…I love it all. I look forward to your next post. Merci Beaucoup!

I love Paris and the idea behind this book. My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon in Paris. It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years…

The perfect addition to my ‘Travel Dreams’ pin board!

Love Nicole’s work! My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Paris. Would love to have a reminder of our time their together in the city of light and love.

What a beautiful way to see Paris. I’m crossing my fingers for good luck. Thanks for the chance to win.

Thank you for bringing the color of Paris to those of us who aren’t able to be there! Congratulations on a splendid idea and book.

Nichole’s book looks so lovely and amazing!

what an amazing book! She truly has an eye and has observed Paris in such an artistic way. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times so it holds a special place in my heart. how wonderful it would be to have such a gorgeous coffee table book to daydream about visiting again 🙂

Love me some Paris, and I love this book!

Will the gods and good fortune be on my side? I hope so because I’d love to add Paris in Colour to my library!

I just love Paris in Color and would love to win this, thank you very much!

Such a wonderful book about one of my favorite cities. Food for the eyes and heart of Paris lovers!

David T. Howard

Stunning photos. The collage/collect aspect is very beautiful.

This book would be so treasured – I would love to have it.

Oh I’d love to win this! She has such a gift for photography and finding beauty in the simplest of objects. Would love to have this book on my coffee table. It has such a gorgeous cover and the content inside is twice as nice!

Love this book! Thanks for the chance!

Love the look of the book and the photos are great

Christy - Lil Bit Brit

Paris is a favourite place of mine, took my son there several years ago. So would love to win a book on Paris.

Lil Bit Brit

Have been a fan of Nichole’s photography for a long time, it would be a great pleasure to win this book.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story about the most BEAUTIFUL city in the world from the smallest details (captured so wonderfully by Nicole), to the inspiring monuments. The magic of Paris has captured my heart forever. xx

Must be honest and say I hope I win a copy!

I love the idea of photographing colour so much and the photos are truly gorgeous, amazing giveaway

I love her work. I keep going back to her blog to get my fill of Paris on most days. I would love love love to get the book!!

I want this book, love it

I would love to own this book, I follow Little Brown Pen blog, such beautiful photography. I’ve only been to Paris once so Paris in Colour would be a wonderful stop gap until I can return.

And my pin:

Thanks 😀

I would love to own a copy of this book! Nichole certainly has an eye for photographing the unusual and making it beautiful.

Love, love, love Nichole’s work! Found her on Etsy, subscribed to her blog, and she led me here… to find more of Paris! I would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the opportunity!

Pinned it!

I would love to have a copy of this wonderful book, I see it everywhere.

For what I’ve seen on the blog, your photos are beautiful and I want to see the rest of them, the other side of Paris.

I would love a copy of this book, it’s so beautiful!!

Looks like such a cool book!

Hoping to win this for my friend who will be in Paris for the first time next month.

Emma LLoyd -Aurore Vintage

Fabulous photos of a truly chic & romantic Paris!
Très bien!

I know a certain someone who’d be thrilled to bits to win this.. hoping to win!

I’d love to win!

A friend of mine is trying her best to go to Paris for the first time next month – I hope I win this for her 🙂

Love love love her blog and would love a copy of this book!

What a lovely book! The photos are sooooo yummy! Makes me homesick . . . and unfortunately, I’ve never even been to Paris. 🙂 This book would allow me feel as if I had been able to visit! *happy sigh* 🙂

“Colors are the smiles of nature.” ~Leigh Hunt

Peter-Paul Essers

Looks like a lovely book!

As a French teacher, I would love to be able to share this book with my students!

was in paris with mom last december. this book brings back great memories!

…and I should say I would love it too 😉

If I won this book, I would give it to my daughter-in-law. She would absolutely love it.

Beautiful way to capture Paris! I would *love* to win a copy!

I have followed Nicole’s blog and fallen in love with her images of Paris,to see it throug her eyes! Thanks

Would love a copy of this book. copy of my post below, for a second chance to win.

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

I long to revisit Paris and see her beautiful colours through Nichole’s eyes…she captures it so wonderfully x

Nichole’s photography is so inspirational. I always find that when I am in Paris I look at things in a different way and find even more beauty in simply objects throughout the city. I would love her book!

My Barefoot Angel

A window to France!

Great blog! and the book reminds me of how I felt Paris looked, in my eyes! I flipped through it the other day at the book store.

I can not believe I discovered this book today.
Your photos and Paris are wonderful. I share the
fascination with the colors and the light of Paris and France. I wish I could return one more time, but your book would provide endless hours of Paris Time.
Thank you for the opportunity.

I have been wanting this book for a while! Would love to win it! 🙂

I would absolutely LOVE to be entered!!!

This book looks SO perfect for me! 😀

Thanks for hosting!

You may reach me at:

Ooh I really hope to win this! 🙂

I would so love to win this book!!

I would love so much to feast my eyes on this gorgeous book!
And I have pinned it on my board “Francophile’…Thanks!

I would love to win this! How wonderful!

HOT! I love Paris.

I follow Little Brown Pen and love the photos. I would be thrilled to how this book to enjoy again and again.

Pinned it for another chance to my Fanatical Francophile board!

That book looks amazing. I couldn’t pin it from your link above, kept getting “not found” message so pinned it manually.

Would love to have this setting on my coffee table.

Here is my pin

That book looks amazing. I couldn’t pin it from your link above, kept getting “not found” message so pinned it manually.

Would love to have this setting on my coffee table.

Here is my pin

Thanks for sponsoring this–I read Little Brown Pen and would love to have this book-but now I’m also awfully glad to have found your website! I am enjoying it: after dreaming for many years, I am actually planning a trip to Paris later in the year!

essential for every book collector!

Amazing photographs 🙂 I would love a copy!

I love her photographs and blog and would be thrilled to have a copy. Thank you!

This book looks so dreamy and inspiring. I’d love to display this on my coffee table and enjoy it for years to come.

perfect book

I would absolutely LOVE to have this book. It is a perfect combination of my love of photography and obsessions with paris!!! I can imagine it on my coffee table as I write this post!

Paris is a dream of mine just waiting to appear.

I love the Little Brown Pen photographs of Paris and would love to have the book. Thanks for the giveaway.

Ooo la la! What a beautiful book. I’d love to win this.

Jessica Benavides

I am in awe of this book! I love the unique insight on color combined with amazing photography.

May I please have a copy?

I would love this book! Paris is my favorite place and I have been meaning to order this book!

I move to Paris tomorrow afternoon. This post has excited me even more! Would love to see more of this book and look forward to creating my own with the views I am sure to see over the next coming month. What a lovely idea.

Jessica - Of Revolt Travel Blog

I would really love a copy of this book – not only because I’m a huge Francophile, but also because I’m a major fan of Nichole’s work and her blog as well! Plus, who doesn’t love a jolt of color to make their day that much more beautiful?

I would love this book! I’ve been doing somewhat of the same thing…on a much smaller scale, but I don’t have the privilege to live in Paris. So I guess I need this book.! Looks like an awesome book

Just bought some of her prints…love them!!

Ranch and Chickens

Would love a copy of this book–brings back wonderful memories of Paris.

I’d love a copy! What a gorgeous book.

I fell in love with this photography blog the moment I was introduced it it… this book would be awesome on my coffee table 🙂

I was only drooling over this book last week, it’s beautiful! And I couldn’t resist pinning it too…

oh, the hours i would pore over this gorgeous book! ♥

Oh yes please!

I have been lusting after this book since it came out! I would love my own copy to assist in my many Paris daydreams.

Lovely photos – traveling to Paris this fall – you have given me a different idea of what to remember her (Paris, of course!) by.

brilliant, evocative photographs!

I would LOVE to win this book! These are the kinds of photos I would want to take if I were ever lucky enough to go & talented enough to see it this way. Beautiful! 🙂

Such a great book!

… And of course here’s our repin! 🙂
Vive Trianon

I would love a copy. This book is gorgeous!

We would really love a copy of this book. Wonderful photos that speak so much about such a unique place! We’ll definitely be buying it if we don’t win the give-away!
Vive Trianon

LOVE the photos on Little Brown Pen – they make me wish I were back in Paris again!

I enjoy Nicole’s photos in her blog, I would love to be able to see all of those images altogether in her book. Her use of color is wonderful!

A unique perspective on a City that is always at its best in Black and White………

I’ve always wanted to get one of her prints! A book would be just as good, if not better.

I am pregnant with my second and redoing the nursery with a travel/Paris theme. Just saw this book for the first time in Anthropologie the other day and it is SO perfect for inspiration and their little bookshelf!

Have been in Paris for the past month. This would be a fun souvenir!

Love all her pics! Can’t wait to see this book!!

Reminds me of trips to Paris with my mother! Would love to give to her as a gift 🙂

Love Paris & love Nicoles’ photo’s, so yes please!

Such a lovely book! Count me in please.

I want to be there and be part of this colourful city too! Great book!!

absolutely charming and so clever.

Would LOVE to visit Paris!

Victoria Hopkins

What a gorgeous book!

Amazing photography, I look forward to seeing more. Thanks

I’d love one please 😀 It will give me something to look forward to when planning my trip to Paris!

I would LOVE to win a copy! Beautiful book!

I love her blog and have been really wanting this book!

I have been really wanting this book! I love her blog.

Love the Paris blogs – so beautiful and fun!

Love this book! 🙂

Ohh la la! I would love to add this to my collection of Paris books and daydream with it!

Pick me! ;^0

WOW- please oh random picker- pick me!
Had a problem with the pin link though… page could not be found.

Thanks so much for the opportunity! : )

I would love, love, love to win! I am a huge fan of Nichole’s work! *fingers crossed*

Fantastic photos, this book would look gon in my library! I have been to Paris 34 times and going again in September…

Looks like a great book! I’m trying to start a collection of books about france and paris

Gorgeous post, gorgeous book! Fingers crossed.

ooh I love it! those photographs are beautiful. I’d love to add this book to my collection 😀

I love the perspective of the photos. The idea that you see all this from a cafe table makes it all the more charming. It’s on my gift list for my other Paris loving friends!

love paris and would love this book on my coffee table!!

Lynett Hermanson

I love her work and would love to win her book.

looking forward my whole life to travelling in Europe & it’s finally within sight! Would love to simmer in the sights before planning!

I love Nichole’s blog and have been coveting this book big time for a while now! I would LOVE to win a copy 😀

Love the Paris Color Project! Nichole’s photos never fail to make my day.

I’ve always been a lover of color and Paris. I would love to have this book!

Paris AND color?! Sign me up!

The “Paris In Color” photos make me feel like I am in Paris again, and with the snapshots being like glances we make to take in the interesting sights, scenes, and situations, while just walking around that gorgeous city!

I’ll be going to Paris next month and would love to get this book to refresh my mind about the city!

Liza in Ann Arbor

Nicole’s photos are simply stunning. I’ve been a fan since I discovered her, well, here (I think).

I’d love to win a copy of this beautiful book!! xo

I bought a copy of Paris in Color to give as a gift. I’d love to have one myself! The artistry apparent in each of the photos is inspiring.

Absolutely beautiful presentation of an amazing old world full if new and vibrant life. As a graphic designer and artist the book is wonderfully organized and thoughtfully displayed. A book you’re gonna’ want to leave out on the coffee table / counter / desktop! Congrats and I want a copy if my own : )

Breathtaking! I love that she worked to capture the simple beauty of Paris, it’s absolutely wonderful.

Oh Dear, I really need a visual vacation…

Beautiful photos!

I love Paris and I am crazy for Nichole’s beautiful, color saturated photography. So beautiful!

Love the sound of this beautiful book! Hope I win to have memories of living in Paris in my house in Toronto 🙂

I love Paris and her photos are gorgeous, I would love to have this book on my coffee table.

It’d be so cool to win this! I love Little Brown Pen and PIC

I know my daughter likes Paris and this book very much, I want to win it for her.

I am the biggest fan of this lovely book – hoping to win!!!!!

I have loved her photos for years, the layers of color and stone in the simplest details of her street photography, her images inspire me to look at cities this way. I have been so excited about her book release! What a great give away!

Pick me, pick me!
I miss Paris.

This book is now on my wish list .

The book looks so lovely! I’d love to have it to enjoy over and over and over…

What a beautiful book to enhance my dreams of Paris! xo

I’d love to add this book to my library!

I purchased the mint green set of prints and really love them. to win the book would be fabulous!

je le veux!!! s’il vous plait.

I love her book and was in Paris in March so would love to own a copy!! Thank you. 🙂

As both a photographer and a francophile, I would LOVE to have this book!

i adore your blog. read it daily. just visited nice france, paris, monaco last november. how lovely and perfect is this extra talented creation of this book. Wow. The cover design alone is magic. Sharing. Posting. Pinning here I come. Thanks for the daily goodness you share. Kelli

Although I already have a copy, I’d love to win another and offer it as a gift to my sister whose birthday is around the corner!

What a great book! I would love to win. I pinned this post, too.

I love the look of this book! I love all things Paris and would love to own this one. Count me in.

Would love to win this book, but plan to buy it if I’m not the winner!

This book looks amazing, wow! Would be great to have it for september ‘coz it’s when I’m going to Paris for the first time (and will stay there until February!) xx

My neighbor just went to Paris. I am so envious of her trip and I am looking forward to the day I go on my own trip. I would LOVE to have this book in my living room to experience Paris vicariously through your lens!!

I would love to win this book, looks amazing!

What a cool book!

I am dying to get a copy of this book! I have been a fan of Nichole Robertson’s work for awhile.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! It brings back so many memories of living there:) My favorite city in the world!!

This book looks beautiful. Can’t wait to read it!

Would very much like this book!!!

Wow! What a great idea! I was looking for an idea for my photo class and there it was, beautiful shots of beautiful colours. Thanks! Love the blog, love the city, love the pics!

Amazing! How wonderful!

I cannot wait to get a copy here in South Africa. I have it on order, and it is due to hit our shores in 2 months time.
This book shows the true detail of Paris beyond vision and you can feel the emotion.

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs

I’m so excited to be visiting Paris this summer. Nichole’s book would be the perfect compliment to my trip!

Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

Jessie Potter Kingston

Hip Paris Blog is usually the first email I open each day as it is sure to please and put me in a good mood–the sumptuous photos, the au courant commentary. I don’t consider myself a city person, but I love visiting Paris. Like many, I am happy just to wander. The Hip Paris Blog gives me the vicarious thrill of meandering there because it captures the je ne sais quoi that is quintessentially Parisian.

Can’t wait to read this book!

Would love this book seeing as I’ll be there in approx 16 hours!!


Love love LOVE!!! Je T’aime!!! My favorite city in the world. Making trip #4 in month. 4th time in 2 years (from Los Angeles) xx

Have the yellow Paris prints in my house. Would love the book!

the book looks lovely!

The color of Paris changes with every trip. It was a different city when I was 21 . . . but no matter my age, always, always beautiful.

I would love to win this book, Love Paris!!!

Absolutely LOVE the color! So glad to have found your site! I’m subscribing! Vive la Paris!

I love her photographic eye. Can’t wait to get the book!!!!wether I win it or not:)

The cover alone is enough to transport you to another world, obviously Paris!!it it is almost like a selection of macarons, beautiful colors.

Hope I win!

Love her work. I spent a year there so it evokes such wonderful memories. I have her work all over my room now!

It’s been a year since I was in Paris. I just loved it and would adore to go back. Nichole’s beautiful photos are a lovely reminder of the essence of this fabulous city.

I’ve been following Nichole’s color project for years. It has inspired me to view my own city in a new way as I still about capturing color and details.

I’ve been eyeing this one for a while 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

Also, I pinned it at

Would love to win this! 🙂

Love the book …. would love the book. 🙂

Love your images! Visited Paris 22 years ago and 35 years ago!

Colette Stanley

Such a beautiful depiction of my favorite city in the world. I’d love to win a copy of Nichole’s book!

Oh, I went to Paris last October and would adore having this book. Delighted to know about this blog!

Like so many other people we are struggling along in these hard times. Holidays are a world away for my little Alfie and I at the moment which is why books like this become our daydreams for the soul… talented lady, beautiful book.

PINNED! ..along with many other Paris shots..

thanks for the chance to win!

aHHH Paris, how I miss thee.

At least Little Brown Pen prints throughout my house give me daily reminder of my wonderful time spent living there for a year!!

I love the little green card on the left side of the cover.

Like so many other people we are struggling along in these hard times. Holidays are a world away for my little boy and I at the moment but books like this become our daydreams for the soul..what a talented Lady and a delightful book.

Love your blog. This book would be great to have.

LOVE. Butterflies in my belly for this city.

This book is definitely on my Christmas list this year!

Also, I put a pin on it:

I too dream of France & have been an admirer of Nichole’s work for some time. I’d love to win this beautiful book, to sweeten my daydreams and inspire me to keep those dreams alive. Wonderful post & giveaway. Love your blog too. Cheers!

Eve/My Little French Shop

I am such a fan!
Love Nichole’s vision and love of color.
Found her through Etsy <3
Thanks Hipparis for having this awesome givaway!!!
I shared this link on my FB.

This book is beautiful! Can’t wait until my next week long trip to Paris 🙂

I’m going to Paris for the first time in August – this would be a fab book to have to get me even more excited for the trip 🙂

What a great way to view such a wonderful city!

Have had my eye on this – looks amazing!

Beautiful photos and beautiful book! Love Paris!

This book has been on my wish list for a couple of weeks.

I love color and I love Paris. The combination? c’est magnifique!

Yes, please! What a beautiful book.

I’ve purchsed a set of the 5×5 photos. They are beautiful!

Want this book

Wonderful photographs…wonderful Photographer…


Love the beautiful photographs! They serve as inspiration for my home and life!

And here’s my pin of the post. Wouldn’t hurt to have a second entry.

I’m so glad you’re having a give away! Paris in Colors is a project I’ve been following and admiring for ages. It’s such a simple yet fantastic idea and it made me love Paris even more as well as motivating me to take more photos through time. I hope I’m lucky enough to win the book since I can’t afford it at the moment but really wish to have it.

Part of my heart IS in Paris everyday. I’m always planning my next trip there, and how to stay longer. Love to win this book…

I love this beautifully executed concept so much.

such a gorgeous book!

Michele Stapleton

I’d love a copy of the book! And can pick it up in person when I vacation in Paris late this summer!

Paris – tu me manque! I would love to win this beautiful book, as I can;’t find anywhere to buy it in tiny New Zealand!

Love these photos. First found them on Etsy. Planning on buying a few for wall art soon!

wonderful photos ! love her style and would be glad to win this fabulous book !

I would love to win this book- it looks absolutely fabulous! Maybe one day I’ll get to visit Paris in person rather than wistfully dreaming about it whilst pouring over all of the gorgeous photographs haha.

Nichole’s photos are stunning… everything is perfect, colour, tones, composition… amazing!

This book will let me dream I’m in Paris until my next trip

wonderful photo ! love her style very much and would be glad to win such a fabulous book !

I’ve been dying to buy this book for my new apartment. The perfect coffee table book!

I fear I have a Little Brown Pen problem….calendar above my desk at work, framed photos hanging in our home, notecards in my desk drawer. I think I need the book to complete the set!

… wonderful photos, love her style very much and would be glad to win such a fabulous book !

Wow, love it, love the idea of sorting my travel photographs by colour story. This book just looks divine! Jennifer

I would love to own this book – I am moving to Paris in 5 months, and this book is just what I need to give me a Paris fix untill I leave:)

Rebecca Jeffree

This book will colour my world!

Love Paris! What a fantastic book!

Jennifer Carlyle Shelton

This is exactly the book I want to read, and reread and dream with. Thank you for offering it as a giveaway!

I would LOVE to win this, so fingers crossed…am obsessed with Paris, photography AND colour.

Lovely post as always.

The same sights capture my eye, but I haven’t the eye to capture the sights. Nicole seems to have that ability. Thanks for sharing.

What a perfect way to get lost in the city!

Would LOVE to win this book! I’m travelling to Paris for the very first time in September, my dream travel destination is about to become a reality with the love of my life!

Such beautiful work! I am going to Paris for the first time in December and am so looking forward to experiencing all this beauty firsthand.

Great giveaway. Nichole’s book has been on my wish list since it was published. I love her work and would really like to see this on on my coffee table. Thank you.

I hope I win! I need a beautiful book like this on my coffee table.

love this blog, hopefully should be haeding to paris in october can’t wait to check out some of the recommendations.

Been following her blog and yours for quite sometime now! Fabolous! <3

Fabulous idea. I find Paris can be so elegantly neutral in its colours but there are times when I am hit by a wonderful rush of colour.

Black never goes out of fashion – but nor does colour as the fantastic Nichole Robertson proves in this book.
Having visited in May I’m having serious withdrawals from the beautiful city – this book would help ease the loss.

Paris – je me manque!

Black never goes out of fashion – but nor does colour as the fantastic Nichole Robertson proves in this book. Having visited in May I’m having serious withdrawals from the beautiful city – this book would help ease the loss.

Paris – je me manque!

I’ve been living in Paris for a year now and I still can’t get enough of it! I’m definitely going to buy this book!

I dream of Paris in colour! Hobart in winter is grey and so far away…. Rx

I fell in love with Paris, not expecting too, and I love reminiscing through your blog. Your photos are amazing!

Thanks for your blog, everyday we get a bit a Paris in color thanks to you!

oh how I’d love this book; because I’m seeing things just like Nichole…. details, colours, arrangements – and of course I love Paris!
thanks for this colourful post – it’s fantastic.

Rosemary Wilmot

A girl after my own heart , I too have been taking photos like this for years, how heartening to see a whole book of colour !!! I would love one !!

Love the blog, love Paris. Would love to win the book

Sherree Peterson

I would love to read this book and relive my trip to Paris and discover new things I didn’t see.

Great work! Colours that make you dreaming of your next trip to Paris…………..

Beautiful, I can’t wait to return to Paris next spring!

Looks like such a fabulous book.

Such simple and elegant photos – no wonder Paris is so irrestible!

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