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Kid-Friendly Travel: 24 Hours in Paris with a Toddler

by Malou Lasquite
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Malou Lasquite

Malou Lasquite temporarily moved to Paris for three months with her young daughter to live a Parisian dream. A native of the Philippines, she has lived, studied and worked in six countries over four continents. With a passion for travel, she hopes to instill in her daughter the joy of traveling and learning about different cultures. She currently runs her own company specializing in corporate communications and event organization in Switzerland. In her spare time, she blogs about travel, photography, lifestyle and fashion at View Malou Lasquite's Website

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8 comments on “Kid-Friendly Travel: 24 Hours in Paris with a Toddler

What is the best way to get to Hotel de la Tremoille from cdg airport. We are thing to take the train, as we have got two small children, the train is faster. Which station should we get off, and is closer to the hotel

We are taking our three children to Paris next month. We are living in Europe and trying to take advantage of all the great places to visit. Sometimes we feel like we are crazy for traveling with a 5, 3, and 2 year old, but it is so much fun to explore new places with them. Our visit to Paris will be different than if it were a romantic trip, but I like the challenge. These are some great tips for making Paris more child friendly. I can’t wait to show them the carousels.

Great post; thank you. We’re gearing up for a trip to London this spring to visit friends. This will be our three year old’s first trip on a plane and I have to admit that we’re concerned that we might end up being *those* people with the screaming toddler (fingers crossed!).

Excellent post. It’s never too early to expose our children to travel, fabulous food, incredible architecture, and the beauty of different languages–these connect children, they make children citizens of the world.

Thanks for the tips! Wonderful to expose and watch children in new situations! The whole world could learn from how the children respond to newness!


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