Paris’ Latest Private Dining Club: La Table de Cybele

by Forest Collins
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Forest Collins

Forest Collins chronicles her search for the finest cocktails in Paris on her blog, 52 Martinis. Every Wednesday, she tries a new place. She starts with a martini for a standard of comparison and then usually orders a second. Got a bar you think makes great drinks? Let her know, she'd love to try it! View Forest Collins's Website

4 comments on “Paris’ Latest Private Dining Club: La Table de Cybele

Thanks Stacey. While it’s a shame that the private dining has finished – after having tried her cooking I can say it’s good news that they’ll be opening the restaurant soon.

I contacted Cybele, and she said they are no longer doing the private supper club. FYI.
Because they are working on opening a restaurant in the spring.


I had forgotten how good this was. The egg and foie gras ravioli was sensational!!
Nice job on the photos too, Its morning time and I could happily sit down to that meal right now!!!

I’m hungry looking at these pictures.

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