May Events in Paris: Ron Mueck, Le Fooding, Lorna Simpson and More

by Erin Dahl
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Erin Dahl

Erin's had a whimsical affair with Paris since her first trip as a wide-eyed teenager. She is Editor for the HiP Paris Blog as well as Co-founder of Content Coopérative, Paris's first English-native content agency. View Erin Dahl's Website

7 comments on “May Events in Paris: Ron Mueck, Le Fooding, Lorna Simpson and More

Erin / HiP Paris

Merci everyone. A very exciting month in Paris it is! 🙂

So many exciting things going on! Thank you for sharing…xv

SO happy Merci went global!

PARIS BEE kids blog

Ron Mueck is next on my list. Love his work!!

xoxo PARIS BEE kids blog

Really excited about the Belleville studios! Great to have found this site!

Erin / HiP Paris

@Jaime – Sure, I think you should be able to get a passport as late as the 19th! You can pick them up at Hotel de Ville, (29 rue de Rivoli, Métro Hôtel de Ville) and participating establishments beginning in mid-May (no precise date yet).

Hi Erin,

Thanks for putting this together! I will be visiting Paris for the first time at the end of May and was wondering if I would still be able to get a “passport” for the Les Heures Heureuses as late as May 19th? If so, where exactly will they be available? I went to the website but was a bit confused… Merci! 🙂

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