How to Order Coffee in France with Comme Une Française

by Géraldine Lepère

You’ve packed a Paris-perfect wardrobe, planned your gastronomic meals, and found idyllic accommodations. Now it’s time to practice your French. Géraldine Lepère shares the phrases you need to order a coffee like a local so the next time you settle into a Parisian café, you will look like ‘un vrai Parisien’. Enjoy! -Erin

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Written By

Géraldine Lepère

Géraldine Lepère from "Comme une Française" is your best friend in France. She will teach you how to talk like a French person to make friends, what you should never say and all the slang that you won’t find in a book. She will demystify French culture so that you feel at home in France. Check out her site View Géraldine Lepère's Website

3 comments on “How to Order Coffee in France with Comme Une Française

Great video! What about “un café crème”? I order this in Paris because I like a lot of milk in my coffee and it’s delicious! Is this ok to say or do I sound like a tourist? Merci!!!

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