DBB/Paris: A Modern Twist on Mexican Food and Cocktails in Paris

by Kate Robinson
Written By

Kate Robinson

Kate Robinson is an American in Paris. When she's not drinking craft beer or slathering baguettes with sheep cheese, she can be found planning her next outdoor adventure. Kate's writing has also appeared in publications such as Modern Farmer and France Today. View Kate Robinson's Website

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4 comments on “DBB/Paris: A Modern Twist on Mexican Food and Cocktails in Paris

I have always thought Paris needs some good Mexican food. We run into a lot of Texas ex-pats when we visit and they ALWAYS tell me that the #1 thing they miss is quality Tex-Mex: guacamole, queso, tacos, burritos.

A good Mex or Tex-Mex spot would make a killing in Paris, IMO.

Have to try this place next time we visit! 🙂

Candice – yes! The French food is hard to resist, but there are some wonderful alternatives to check out, too. /Erin, HiP Paris

Kate, my maiden name was Robinson. We are related
The first few times we were in Paris, I vowed not to eat anything but French food. Then I relaxed my strict rules and started eating different foods … I am sorry I never had Mexican food in Paris. Just another reason to go back again. and again.

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