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An Empty Nester in Paris

by Sylvia Sabes
Written By

Sylvia Sabes

When not hitting the ol’ cobblestones hunting down the hottest new addresses for her job as Paris Expert for Afar magazine and Luxe City Guides, Sylvia pretends to be swamped disguised as a wife and mom. You can read more of her work at (link below) or follow her adventures on FB @SylviaDublanc View Sylvia Sabes's Website

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7 comments on “An Empty Nester in Paris

As each of our four children left home my husband and I were so happy to get to know them as the people they were becoming in adulthood. Visits with them are joyful. We are not lonely and we do not long for them. Perhaps, because of our attitude, they call often just to talk or plan visits with us just because. It is so much fun to see the homes and lives they have created for themselves! In return, I think they enjoy us because we carry on just as we have always done. I am American and my opinion is not shared by most of my friends. I say enjoy and be happy you have done your job well! Congratulations.

Well, we weren’t sad that our children were gone, but we weren’t elated either. It’s just the next natural step in being a parent!

Your job is to raise them to be independent beings and now that your job is finished…it’s YOUR time again. And you can spend that new-found time googling flights to Europe and cool flats with Haven in Paris. 😀

Wendyrg and Nancy Bowron, thank you for letting me know, we are not alone!

Where do I find the “tips on renting” part of your blog?

Hi Peter. We do not really have a tips part of the blog. Did you have any specific questions? All the best! -Erica

Our older son left home just three days ago. I think it’s great. We asked him to postpone his departure by six weeks so he could stay home with his younger brother while hubby and I spent a month in Paris (plus a week in Amsterdam and a week in Berlin). Now, I’m trying to figure out how we can just move to Paris permanently.

So happy to read that I am not alone at being elated the children are gone! Our last daughter, who had moved back home after college, just left on Sunday. No tears at all. In fact, that’s why I found your blog at all – we are hoping to travel as a couple and do fun spontaneous things we haven’t been able to before. Now on to learn French!

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