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Single in the City: Moving to Paris Tout Seul

by Candice Johnson
Written By

Candice Johnson

Candice is an Australian living in Paris, a city she loves relentlessly but which doesn’t seem to love her back. She writes about her misadventures in Paris at Paris Is Just Not That Into You. View Candice Johnson's Website

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One comment on “Single in the City: Moving to Paris Tout Seul

Lemme tell ya, I heard ghastly stories about the dating scene in Oz from girlfriends. Mostly commitment phobic men, but many many freaks. So it’s not the dating scene in Paris but a worldwide generational problem. Wouldn’t you rather be back in Oz facing the same issues?? It would certainly be EASIER. Australia is comfortable, safe and easy. And big and quiet. You can still turn back if you’re unhappy and lonely. But why did you decide to leave in the first place…?

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