Paris’ Best New Summer Terraces

by Ali Postma

It’s summer in Paris and that means it’s time to take advantage of the many terraces and rooftop bars the city has to offer. Each year, new bars and restaurants open, giving us plenty of options for enjoying an apéro or a meal while basking in the sunshine and admiring a solid view. Here are this year’s best new terraces for you to check out in Paris:

Left: a person's hands holding a pita bread stuffed with tomatoes and basil with the Seine in the background. Right: the wooden terrace with wooden bench seats at Wanderlust Street Food, a bar in Paris.
Top: Summer Chill à la Tour Eiffel. Above: Wanderlust Street Food

Le Perchoir Porte de Versailles

Arguably one of the most popular rooftop bars in Paris, Le Perchoir has opened its fourth address (and first on the rive gauche), on the edge of the 15th arrondissement.

The terrace of Laho, a rooftop bar in Paris. There are four couples sitting at tables on a wooden patio with grass in front of them. Behind them is a view of the Parisian rooftops. It's a sunny day with a blue sky and some clouds.

Located in the middle of the biggest urban rooftop farm in Europe, Le Perchoir’s bar and restaurant boasts a terrace with panoramic views and a menu which features produce that is 100% cultivated from the farm. 

The terrace of the rooftop bar Laho. It is dusk and there are people seated at tables. The lights are on and they are seated underneath umbrellas. There are some trees and plants on the left. In the background you can see a view of Paris under a grey, cloudy sky.


Laho is a new ephemeral rooftop bar located on the top of a business center right next to Gare de Lyon. Take a private elevator to the 18th floor, 60m above the ground, and you’ll find this green rooftop terrace complete with sun beds and a menu featuring quality seasonal produce. 

Left: a platter of cheese and charcuterie sitting on a table with two glasses of red wine behind it and a bowl of bread to the left. In the background is a view of the Parisian rooftops. Right: an orange coloured cocktail with some red at the bottom, ice and a straw, held by the bartender's hand. Underneath the glass is the logo of the bar and its name, Laho.

Wanderlust Street Food

Wanderlust has reopened with an ephemeral restaurant by chef Alexia Duchêne, who was in season 10 of Top Chef France. The restaurant has sustainability in mind, offering an international street food-inspired menu using ingredients from small producers.

Left: the image is framed by a green, curved archway. It is the wooden terrace of Wanderlust Street Food. There are wooden tables and yellow umbrellas. You can see modern Paris buildings in the background. Right: A table and four chairs on a rooftop, underneath an umbrella, with a view of the Seine and Paris in the background. You can see La Defense in the distance.
Wanderlust Street Food / Laho

To avoid queuing and food wastage, you must reserve your table online and can only cancel 72+ hours in advance. And those who know Wanderlust will know that it has a huge 1,500 m² terrace overlooking the Seine. The restaurant is open until September 27. 

Left: the bar on the terrace of the hotel Mama Shelter West in Paris. It's a yellow container bar, with two bartenders, a man and a woman, inside wearing face masks. There are some people seated and standing outside. Right: a plate of churros with chocolate and ice cream next to a pale yellow colored cocktail, sitting on cream and red tiles.
Mama Shelter West

Mama Shelter West

Another new spot near Porte de Versailles in the 15ème arrondissement, is the second address of hotel Mama Shelter. Eleven years after opening their first address in the 20th arrondissement, and expanding all over Europe, Mama Shelter returns to Paris with this new location. Like Mama Shelter East, the new hotel features a terrace and a rooftop (by reservation only), with a menu by French chef Guy Savoy. 

The terrace of the bar Le Jardin Suspendu in Paris. There are tables and chairs on gravel. There is a wooden pavilion-type building behind them with the words Le Jardin Suspendu on it, and the sun is shining from behind the building, causing light streaks. The sky is blue and there are green trees to the left.
Le Jardin Suspendu

Le Jardin Suspendu au Parc Floral

The “suspended garden” is back this season with a 2,500 m² ephemeral summer terrace in its new location at the Pavillon Chesnaie du Roy in the heart of the Parc Floral. Teaming up with Street Food en Mouvement, a non-profit created by French chef Thierry Marx, the menu features freshly made meals with an eco-friendly approach.

Two groups of people seated at two wooden bench tables in front of a black food truck which has the words 'specialiste du wrap xxl' on it. There is a server in the truck wearing a mask, on his phone. Behind the truck are green trees.
Le Jardin Suspendu

Twenty-two food trucks will make an appearance this summer, alongside plenty of games like baseball, darts, pétanque, mölkky, giant dominos, archery for children, and mini-golf. For a special treat, cabaret shows will be performed on Thursday evenings by the Pigalle-based Madame Arthur company.

Left: people seated at wooden bench tables surrounded by greenery. Right: a wrap in the hand of a person seated at a wooden bench table. There is a drink on the table as well as a dipping sauce and an iPhone.
Le Jardin Suspendu

Summer Chill à la Tour Eiffel

Every Thursday and Friday evening in July and August, the Eiffel Tower will host a variety of local DJs and its first-floor terrace will transform into a 57-meter-high dance floor with panoramic views of the city. So, jump on this opportunity and experience the Eiffel Tower like never before!

The wooden terrace of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There are groups of people seated, some wearing face masks. You can see the pillars of the Eiffel Tower around them. There is a wooden bar in the middle with a white tarp roof. There are also some pot plants.
Summer Chill à la Tour Eiffel


Le Perchoir – 2 avenue de la Porte-de-la-Plaine, 75015

Laho – 5-9 rue Van Gogh, 75012

Wanderlust Street Food – 32 Quai d’Austerlitz, 75013

Mama Shelter West – 20 avenue de la Porte de La Plaine, 75015 Paris

Jardin Suspendu au Parc Floral – Parc Floral de Paris, route de la Pyramide, 75012

Summer Chill à la Tour Eiffel – Tour Eiffel, Parc du Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007

Left: a salad on a blue ceramic plate sitting on some greenery. The salad is colorful, with orange, yellow, red and purple. Right: a red cocktail in a plastic cup with a slice of orange and a straw, held by the bartender. The cup has the words Le Jardin Suspendu on it.
Le Jardin Suspendu

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