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Brunch in Montmartre at Le Coquelicot

by Nichole Robertson

Guest Blogger Nichole Robertson (of Little Brown Pen fame) discovers one of our favorite bakeries in Montmartre. Make sure to come early to snag one of the outside tables, and enjoy Paris people watching at its best.

breakfastphoto courtesy of Meg Zimbeck

On Saturday, we braved the Amelie obsessed tourists on Rue de Abbesses in Montmartre to visit Coquelicot–a sweet little bakery recommended by Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini. I adore Clotilde’s blog and books, and her Paris picks never let me down. She raved about the baguettes at Coquelicot, and her blessing coupled with a glimpse of their charming website, was all we needed to pen a visit into our schedule.


The first thing we noticed was that we were not the only ones with hot, crusty Coquelicot baguettes on the brain. The line exemplified human impatience, and was so long it spilled into the street and around the corner. Drats! But a few moments of observation revealed that the second door was for those interested in dining in, and that would be us. We approached the hostess expecting to be turned away due to a lack of tables or our unobscured camera (rookie mistake), but she smiled and pointed to a teeny table a few feet away. Score!

It was a challenge to focus on the menu with so many delicious things whizzing by us at warp speed. Was that brioche steaming? Did that guy really just tuck 12 baguettes under his arm? Holy crap … look at the size of those latte bowls!

baguettesphoto courtesy of Meg Zimbeck

The latte bowls were the star of our pre-breakfast conversation. So big you could barely wrap your hands around them, and so full of delicious cafe au lait that even the most sleep deprived, jet lagged, coffee addict would emerge from the experience wide-eyed and wired.

Lucky for the latte bowls, their moment in the limelight lasted for a full five minutes before the baguettes, brioche and accoutrements in the form of homemade jam and honey stole the spotlight. Our trays overflowed with fresh, perfect bread (thanks, Clotilde!), three flavors of homemade jam–cassis, raspberry and peach–and honey from Provence. I’m always torn between sweet and savory bread, so I enjoyed the first few bites of the baguette with salted butter. But after just one taste of the Cassis jam, I sided with the sweet team for the remainder of the meal.

The bread wasn’t the only treat at Coquelicot. Evan and I treated anyone who watched us to a hilarious scene of two bread and coffee junkies getting the best fix of their lives.

coquelicot sepia

24, Rue des Abbesses 75018
+33 (0)
Métro: Abbesses, Pigalle

Nichole Robertson is a writer who lives in New Jersey and visits Paris as often as she can. She writes about her daily joie de vivre on her blog, Little Brown Pen.

Edited by Tory Hoen for the HiP Paris Blog. Photo of croissant and cappuccino courtesy of: Need  a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

Written By

Nichole Robertson

Nichole is a writer, photographer and author of Paris In Color (Chronicle Books, April 2012). She began the Paris Color Project when she moved to Paris in January 2009. What started as daily blog photos blossomed into a three-year project.When she's not photographing Paris, eating French butter, or baking cake, she's writing. Nichole co-runs a multidisciplinary creative studio with her husband Evan, and writes copy for clients like Real Simple, Bravo TV, Tribal DDB, Amala Beauty and Estee Lauder brands. View Nichole Robertson's Website

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10 comments on “Brunch in Montmartre at Le Coquelicot

I went here at the weekend after reading this review and have you to thank for a really wonderful and affordable find! I’ve credited your piece in a review I’ve written on my blog by way of thanks. The BEST pain au chocolat I’ve had in Paris – thanks so much!

I am taking my very first trip to Paris in October. I am looking forward to trying Le Coquelicot!!!! It looks and sounds like the perfect wake me up upon arriving.

These photos are very tempting. It makes you want to taste!

Yep, it is yummy. Their homemade apricot jam is stellar. And, if you take bread home, best to ask for whichever one is warm… so much better!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Thanks for the tip ! Next time to Paris I stop there

ok- now i’m hungry and as always Nicole gave me a bit of FR. and makes me want to travel more than ever. Idea, we can now judge how strong you are by how many baguettes you can put under your arm! Thanks- got my Montmartre fix for today 🙂

I love your shot! Thanks for having me today!

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