Have Your Tea… And Eat It Too

by Tory Hoen

Guest blogger Sally Peabody continues her search for edible delicacies at Paris’ various tea salons…

9- GERARD MULOTA tea flavored ‘macaron’ Gerard Mulot Paris – Paris Breakfasts

Text by Sally Peabody, Your Great Days in Paris

Paris abounds in splendid tea salons and tea shops. For those who love to brew, Paris is the tea capital of the world as a result of the high quality and the diversity of fine tea served and sold here. But the tea itself is just the beginning, since the city’s masterpatissiers, chocolatiers, and tea salons offer up numerous diverting edible options.  Here is my favorite short list of where to go to enjoy fine tea out of the pot and delicacies on the plate!

Sadaharu Aoki is a remarkable patissier, bringing his Asian sensibility to inform classic French patisserie. His tiny shop on the rue de Vaugirard is, of course, drop dead gorgeous and the patisserie selection is in equal parts intriguing and delicious.  The green tea éclairs will stop you in your tracks with their brilliant matcha-infused icing and delicate cream inside. A worthy stop indeed for a first go at “eating your tea.”  Aoki has seating where you can order a pot of tea to accompany the éclairs or other patisserie, but it is also near the Luxembourg Gardens if you prefer an alfresco snack. (35 rue de Vaugirard, Paris 6 or 56 Boulevard de Port Royal, Paris 5).

What is it about the Left Bank? After hitting Aoki, your quest for teatime treats should lead down the rue de Seine (away from Luxembourg towards Boulevard St. Germain). First, the incomparable patisserie of Gerard Mulot (76 rue de Seine) is your place to taste either green tea or tea and mango macarons. Just a block further on the opposite side of the street, Pierre Marcolini, master chocolatier makes Earl Grey-infused dark chocolates that are very, very good (89 rue de Seine).

green tea briocheGreen Tea Brioche from Chajin. Photo: Chajin

On the Right Bank, Chajin (24 rue Pasquier, Paris 8eme) offers superb first flush Japanese green teas and serves selected Japanese tea-infused dishes at lunchtime.  My favorite tea-on-the-plate option at Chajin is the white chocolate bar infused with matcha. The bar is a lovely subtle green color and the flavor is simply delicious with that luscious texture on the tongue that quality white chocolate can provide.  These are made by a chocolatier in the Marais using Chajin’s tea.  These make perfect gifts for others (or for yourself!) Angelina (226 rue de Rivoli) is more famous for its sinful hot chocolate than it is for its tea, but its Belle Époque decor and sumptuous desserts make it a good stop on your tea tour. (It’s an ideal place to take kids for brunch or an afternoon treat).

Finally, Mariage Frères tea salons offer a mind-spinning array of pure and flavored teas, but they also excel at tea-infused cookies and pastries including green tea madeleines or financiers, or fruit tartes with tea-infused pastry cream.  Lunch or brunch menus at Mariage Frères include various main course or salad options that incorporate teas in artful ways. You can also purchase various jams, sugars and salts infused with tea. The Mariage Frères salons with patisserie and food are located in the Marais at 30 rue de Bourg Tibourg, in St. Germain des Prés at 13 rue des Grands Augustins, and, near Ternes at 260 rue de Faubourg St. Honoré.

Bottom line, Paris is the place to drink your tea and to eat it too!

tea shopAngelina, rue de Rivoli. Photo: Paris Deconstructed

Sally Peabody’s company, Your Great Days in Paris, is dedicated to helping travelers make the most of their time in Paris. Her blog is all about enjoying Paris–on and off the Beaten Path:

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Angelina Tea Salon ParisCourtesy of Paris Breakfasts
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Tory Hoen

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