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How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Paris

by Maikka Piquemal
Left: The Arc de Triomphe and its light show on New Year's Eve. Right: Friends are toasting their champagne to celebrate.
Top: Edward Eyer / Above left: Mat Napo / Above right: Cottonbro

A year ago, during the period-that-must-not-be-named, we were deprived of many things, big and small. But with the arrival of vaccines and  the passe sanitaire we’re ready to make up for lost time—and if there’s one thing Paris isn’t short of, it’s events and things to do. No matter your mood, we got you covered for New Year’s Eve 2021/2022 a.k.a. Le Réveillon de la Saint-Sylvestre, or simply Le Réveillon in French. Here are the hottest ways to celebrate another 365-day roller coaster ride around the sun – à Paris.

Left: The Sainte Chapelle church in Paris with its beautiful 13th century stained glass altar. Right: The classical music group "Les Solistes Français" at the Sainte Chapelle, posed with their musical instruments.
Saint Chapelle – Left: Stephanie Leblanc / Right: Les Solistes Français


If you wish to end the year in poetry and elegance, let classical music invite you. We’re eyeing a few concerts at the two most prestigious churches in Paris: Sainte-Chapelle and Saint-Eustache. Not only will you be marveling at works of geniuses (Mozart, Offenbach, Berlioz, Bellini, and more), you’ll also be gazing at Paris’ architectural wonders.

Left: A Gypsy-Romanian dance performance by a Tzigane circus family based in Paris called the Romanès. Right: The Eiffel Tower and the Paris sky is lit with fireworks.
Left: Didier Bonin for Romanès Cirque Tzigane / Right: @juju.explore


Take la famille on an exciting ride—literally! Head out of town and see the world-famous Amsterdam Light Festival without having to worry about travel and lodging through this organized bus adventure from Fever. Otherwise, if you wish to stay within le périph’, a zesty Tzigane circus complete with Balkan dinner and drinks is also an excellent choice.


There is such a long list of parties happening in Paris for this night of overflowing Champagne, c’est impossible you won’t find something to suit your fancy. While nightclubs like Wanderlust and the Aquarium are staples of the Parisian réveillon scene, my favorite has to be up on rooftops where I can see the skyline– Rooftop Montmartre and Oxygen Rooftop both have panoramic views of the city where you can watch the Arc de Triomphe fireworks from afar! 

Left: The Eiffel Tower and the Paris sky is lit with fireworks, seen behind a golden statue. Right: A shower of golden confetti down a crowd of New Year's Eve celebrants.
Left: @ahmed.el.hariry / Right: Markus Zadina


Paris, a gastronomic giant, will certainement not disappoint you, however you want to dine and welcome the new year. If touristic dinners like cabaret shows and cruises by the Seine aren’t your thing, a more local dine-then-club experience with the Beaumarly group (with 9 locations all over Paris) awaits you. 

Left: A rainbow light artwork by a small bridge for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Right: Friends celebrate with sparklers on hand.
Left: Amsterdam Light Festival by @janusvdeijnden / Right: Warren Wong


Wherever you are, the most favored of all celebrations is the one held at home with your best people. Host a party or attend one, pop some bubbly, feast on some oysters, and don’t forget the cheese platter! Cheers to you, and wishing you a wonderful 2022!

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As of December 6, 2021, the French Prime Minister has ordered all nightclubs in France to close for four weeks to counter a Covid surge. All New Year’s Eve events in clubs are temporarily on hold.

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