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Le Conservatoire: An Indoor Parisian Picnic, Italian Style

by Kim Laidlaw
Written By

Kim Laidlaw

London-import Kim Laidlaw is the creator of insider city guide Unlock Paris. After studying History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre, she decided to make Paris her home and has lived here for 8 years and counting. Kim writes travel guides for Lonely Planet, Thames and Hudson and Dorling Kindersley, and articles for the BBC and Conde Nast, as well as copywriting for ad agencies in Paris and copyediting for several fashion magazines, including Fashion For Men and Self Service. View Kim Laidlaw's Website

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10 comments on “Le Conservatoire: An Indoor Parisian Picnic, Italian Style

One addendum. The proprietor, Cedric, is actually half-French, half-Sicilian.

What a fun dining concept and its great that you have a community of bloggers to go sample, review and share that experience with. I wish I had the same in Prague! Thanks for sharing, the pasta looked delicious.

Do, Géraldine, and let us know what you think! 🙂

ahaha. I was not questioning your honesty. 😉

Great. I’ll put them in my to-try-list.


@Anna – it’s an incredibly reasonable €30 per head. You also have the option of adding on a cheese course or a fish course featuring delicious tuna bresaola, at €15 for the plate to share for the whole table. Not bad!

@Géraldine – I found out about it through Cedric Casanova’s other establishment, La Tete dans Les Olives (which you can read about here who told me about their plans for a second venue last autumn. Erica from HiP organised this lunch but we footed the bill ourselves – so all opinions are unbiased and uninfluenced 🙂

WOW, Thanks for this address! Looks fantastic. I’ll try to take some time to go next time I’m in Paris. How did you find out about it? Where you invited?

How much did it cost ? La tête dans les olives is around 25€, if my memories serve me well, for the diner “table d’hôte”.

@Rachel: Fingers crossed – but at least if it stays grey and rainy in Paris, we now know where to have a delicious indoor picnic!

Fantastic photos, love the concept!

Yum all that food looks delicious! It’s been a cold spring in London too…let’s hope it’s a nice hot summer in Paris!

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