So in love, they don’t even need the sidewalk (Dutotime)

You know what I love about February in Paris? Well, for one thing, by some quirk of nature the sky that has been threatening to cave in on Paris for the past 4 months of winter suddenly breaks and Paris is blessed with a few almost-warm days of uninterrupted sunlight. All the left bank vampires come out of their lairs, café terraces once again fill up with sunglass-toting-espresso-drinking Parisians and for a small window of time we can almost imagine that one day it will be Spring again.

The second reason why I like Paris in February is that storefronts, restaurants and TV commercials remain remarkably red-heart free until, say, a week before the Big Day – which seems like a completely reasonable amount of time to either start fretting or preparing for the year’s Day of Love.

Paris: the capital of park-bench romances (Trevino)

This also means that you and I are free to either glide blissfully unaware past Valentine’s Day or design a holiday that actually means something, devoid of the pressure of a month’s worth of intense, color-and-sound coordinated marketing tactics — all leading up to one pretty intense day that once, in some lost galaxy far, far away, was intended to give us pause to reflect on how lucky we are to have love in our lives.

So. Far from my candy hearts and hallmark cards and overpriced roses and expensive restaurant reservations made 3 weeks ahead of time, I would like to propose an alternate holiday of sorts, made up of all the things I love most about Paris and, if I’m lucky (but this is not central to the plan), someone with whom to share these indulgences.

My Vday wish #1: breakfast in this bed (Photigule, Haven in Paris)

Breakfast in bed. Duh. Since most of the point of breakfast in bed is never getting out of bed to make it, I would recommend resorting to some sort of breakfast-delivery, concierge, or boyfriend-esque service. For me this would likely be a warm Croissant aux Amandes, fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberries, orange slices and café au lait. And if I really had my druthers, this would be my bed.

Lounging.  Although this activity can also take place on weekends, it’s sacred on Valentine’s day. If you’re flying solo, I would be happy to recommend a roster of deliciously predictable romantic comedies to entertain you/keep you on the ledge. If you have someone to lounge with, you can wax philosophical about how lucky you are to have escaped a lifetime of loneliness. If you really wanted to make us jealous, this would be the setting for your blissful lounging.

My Vday wish #2: lounging in this living room (Haven in Paris)

Gifting. I think you’ll agree, self-esteem plays a fragile yet essential role on Valentine’s day. Pay attention to this part, it is important. Whether or not you are hoping or expecting to receive something on this holiest of consumer holidays, buy something for yourself that makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter what it is, but when the diamond choker you’d been expecting from Cheri mysteriously doesn’t appear, you’ll be glad you invested in a weekend away with the girls.

Pastries. Ahh. I think I would fly back to Paris just for Valentine’s day because it would be the one day I would be justified in going absolutely bonkers over macarons, chocolates, and all those pastries I hold back on the rest of the year. You have a whole year of moderation (and pilates — New Year’s resolution #1 for moi) to look forward to, so love yourself. And what better way to prove it than indulging in the sinfully delicious.

L’amour in Paris (Paul Keller; Meryabad; Keatl)

Restaurants. It’s like shopping on black Friday: only if you absolutely can’t get out of it. Think about it. Whether you’re single or attached, how much PDA do you want to subject yourself to?  And this is Paris we’re talking about – the land of park-bench romances. This is the perfect evening for cooking in, drinking wine, and cuddling/berating all those lucky couples that have someone to cuddle with.

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Written by Genevieve Sandifer for the HiP Paris blog. Looking for a fabulous vacation rental in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany? Check out Haven in Paris.

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Genevieve Sandifer

Genevieve was born in New York City and raised between London and Paris. Genevieve is part of the Haven in Paris team and is the editor of the Hip Paris blog. Unable to stay away from Paris for too long, she now splits her time between New York, Honolulu and Paris, where she keeps tabs on the Haven in Paris properties and service providers and scours the city for great bistros, cocktail bars and vintage stores.


  1. Hello all! Thank you for your great comments, I’m so glad you liked the post. There is something about Valentine’s day in Paris that is so very romantic… I won’t be able to enjoy it there this year, but I hope some of you will!

  2. Thank you Genevieve for the lovely post and photos about Vday. We absolutely adore Paris, and right now listening to Mireille Mathieu – Je veux l’aimer…
    A Votre Sante:)
    Judit & Corina

  3. WOW! Love your post about V-Day in Paris!!! Its actually my favorite holiday and it is so lovely to spend that day in Paris. In my opinion its the perfect city on earth FOR V-Day!

    The pictures are amazing too.

    Be reading you soon!!!



  4. You mean the V-day decoration aren’t already out?! How crazy! In the U.S. they’re already working on Easter decorations…go France for fending off commercialism a bit longer 🙂 Although I will miss my conversation candy hearts!

  5. Too cute! Who knew that those amorous Parisians saved the marketing and promotion of “the big day” to a limited number of days prior to V-day. Of course, it makes complete sense, as Parisians manage to do nearly everything with such tact and thoughtfulness!

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