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Paris is currently in lockdown, which means many of the events that were planned this month are canceled. But with the lockdown comes silver linings: more and more content is available online to keep us occupied at home. And even if you aren’t in Paris, you can participate in these events too! So here is a selection of what of to do in Paris (online) in November. 


Left: a woman wearing black shorts and a black sports bra sitting cross legged on a toga mat as she stretches and turn to the right. Right: a woman stretching backwards towards the right with her arms out stretched. She is wearing a black sports bra and her hair is in a bun.
Top: Jean Baptiste / Above: Dane Wetton

Yoga en ligne

Paris event management company Fever offers a variety of at-home experiences. These online yoga classes are organized by NU-Paris and yoga teacher Océane Lemaitre. The program takes place from Monday-Saturday all month long, from the roof of the Parc des Expositions de Versailles. And it’s suitable for all levels!


Left: advertisement for MOOC photo. In the left corner the words "Une brève histoire de la photographie" is written in white in French and there are other French words in orange with the start date of November 5 at the top. There are various photos advertised. Right: advertisement for "femmes en mouvement." There are several illustration of different women
MOOC / Femmes en mouvement

MOOC Une brève histoire de la photographie – Nov 5

Organized by Fondation Orange and RMN-Grand Palais in partnership with Fisheye Magazine, this MOOC is for anyone interested in photography. The series examines its history, techniques, and big names. Over six sequences, you will learn the technical and historical aspects of photography, from the evolution of photographic processes to photography’s influence on society. The course also discusses the major movements, as well as the artists and clichés that have marked its history.

Left: view of a woman's back as she stretches. She is wearing a brown sports bra and black leggings and her right arm is reaching down as her left arm reaches up. Right: A man wearing a white shirt is holding a baton to instruct an orchestra. He is in a concert hall.
Jade Stephens / Klaus Mäkelä – Mathias Benguigui : Pasco And Co

Mahler’s Résurrection – Orchestre de Paris – Klaus Mäkelä – Nov 19

The Philharmonie de Paris will be live screening the performance of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2, subtitled “Résurrection.” It’s described as a vast existential and metaphysical poem,” questioning the finite nature of life, and the hope of a second one.


Left: advertisement with the words in French "eh bine, dansez maintenant!" There are 5 people dressed in black coveralls with white reflective material on them doing backbends. Right: advertisement with the words "les corps en révolte" written in French. The background is orange with 4 purple and blue spheres surrounding the words ""il était des voix" in French in the middle.
Et bien, dansez maintenant / Il était des voix

Les corps en révolte – Il était des voix #1 – Nov 6/Le corps statistique – Et bien, dansez maintenant – Nov 26

La Gaîté Lyrique and the Paris Podcast Festival present Il était des voix, a monthly event exploring how to improve diversity in the podcast world. Et bien, dansez maintenant is a series of lectures and transdisciplinary performances, designed in collaboration with artists Julien Prévieux and Jeff Guess. It traces the first experiments in optimizing the human body for efficiency, through to current developments such as artificial intelligence.

Please note that these discussions are in French.

Femmes en Mouvement en Amérique Latine, dans la Caraïbe et en Europe – Nov 6, 13, 27

This series of webinars has been organized by the Institut des Amériques in partnership with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Development Agency, and the Europe-Latin America Foundation. The three webinars will analyze how women are political and economic engines in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each webinar is managed by one of the following French universities: CY Cergy Paris Université, Université Paris Nanterre, and Université de Rouen Normandie. This event is part of Latin America and the Caribbean Week 2020.

Please note that these webinars are in French.

Left: an advertisement with "Feminists in the City" written in white at the top. Under are the words "What is toxic masculinity?" written in white in front of a purple background. Right: an advertisement with "Feminists in the City" written in white at the top. Under are the words "Feminism in Spain" written in white over a background featuring a woman in a field.
Feminists in the City

Masterclass: Feminism in Spain – Nov 8/Masterclass: What is toxic masculinity? – Nov 15

These online masterclasses are brought to us by Feminists in the City. Feminism in Spain is an invitation to get a deeper understanding of Spanish feminist history with guest speaker Lara Alcázar. Lara is an art historian specializing in feminist art and music from the 70s and 90s, an activist, and founder of FEMEN Spain. 

What is toxic masculinity? will look at toxic masculinity’s effects on all genders in contemporary society. How is it affected by intersectional feminism? Why is it something we should all be concerned with fighting? And how do we deal with toxic masculinity in a healthy, empathetic, and feminist way?

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Ali is from Melbourne, Australia, where she studied Art History and Art Curatorship at university and worked in various art galleries. Passionate about all things arts and culture, she loves French film, Nordic noir, photography, street art and architecture. Addicted to pain au chocolat, Ali is fulfilling her dream of living in Paris.

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  1. While travelling to two separate districts in France last year, I wrote several blog posts as a guest blogger on my husband’s blog, beeretseq.com, a culinary, historical and cultural blog. These trips involved travel to the less-travelled parts of France, namely, Boulogne, Lille, St. Omer and Le Touquet in the far north of France and Ghent in Belgium, and then to the south, in Nice.

    It occurred to me that a wider audience might like to read and see the pictures associated with my posts, especially in these times, when most of us can only be armchair travellers. I enclose those links in case you are interested in publishing some or all of them. Kindly let me know if you are interested. I can be reached at the co-ordinates indicated here.
    Sincerest best regards,

    Libby Gillman, Toronto, Canada

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