Author: Claire Oldman

Claire Oldman is a travel, fashion and lifestyle writer. Her work as appeared in American Express Desination Guides, Budget Travel, Bust Magazine, Fathom, (contributing editor), Gridskipper (weekly column), The Guardian, Harper’s Bazaar (weekly column), HiP Paris (column), Hitotoki, The Tourism Board of Paris (Comité Régional du Tourisme Paris Ile-de-France) and Metro. She is also a copywriter for brands in fashion, perfume, and the natural wine niche. Her writing is often accompanied by her own photographs of which a selection can be found on her website.

Everyone has their own Paris. A few special haunts and pleasures that always make returning to Paris feel like a wonderful indulgence. I’ll bet most regular visitors have certain things they always do and see as soon as they hit the ground. I arrived here a few days ago and like clockwork, these seven habits… …read more

As I very much enjoy drinking natural wines in London, I thought I would probably enjoy drinking them even more in France. So my thinking went when planning my trip to Paris last month. I can’t remember where I first heard about La Buvette, but it was on my list of natural wine places and… …read more

Paris wouldn’t be Paris without a bit of romance, right? The Parisian Male, that charming, well-coiffed pillar of French seduction, sometimes gets mixed reviews from visiting females. Do you like the attention you receive from men on the streets of Paris? Or is it all a bit too much? …read more

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