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  • HiP Paris Blog, Antonin Borgeaud, La Buvette de Camille

    La Buvette de Camille: Natural Wines & Small Plates in Paris

    As I very much enjoy drinking natural wines in London, I thought I would probably enjoy drinking them even more in France. So my thinking went when planning my trip to Paris last month. I can’t remember where I first heard about La Buvette, but it was on my list of natural wine places and […]

  • HiP Paris Blog, Carin Olsson, The Parisian Male

    The Parisian Male: Charming Or Cheesy?

    Paris wouldn’t be Paris without a bit of romance, right? The Parisian Male, that charming, well-coiffed pillar of French seduction, sometimes gets mixed reviews from visiting females. Do you like the attention you receive from men on the streets of Paris? Or is it all a bit too much?

  • I Know I’m In Paris When…

    Whenever I return to Paris, it always takes me a few days to get settled and realize that I am actually here. A while ago, Tory wrote a post on how she knows she’s in Paris, which inspired me to think about the signs that tell me I’ve arrived. Everyone has their own Paris; a few special haunts and pleasures […]

  • February Events in London: Balthazar, The Colbert, Man Ray and More

    They say the best things come in twos. That rule doesn’t apply, however, when ordinarily respectable restaurants transform their dining rooms to seas of two-tops decorated with token red flowers in honor of Valentine’s Day. How boring! The Colbert Below you’ll find the two newest, most buzzed about brasseries to open in London, […]

  • Holiday Events in London: Secret Emporium, Swing Dancing and More!

    In the run up to Christmas there are sample sales, holiday markets and pop-up shopping events all around town. London is literally glowing at the moment. It seems as if there are twice as many Christmas lights as usual […]

  • London Is Buzzing In the Fall: Frieze Art Fair, Bonfire Night and More

    Skate at Somerset House (slimmer_jimmer) As autumn draws in, the cultural goings-on of London start to head inside and ratchet the pressure up a few notches: bigger, heavier hitting fairs and events are scattered throughout the season. October brings out the big guns of Frieze Art Fair and the BFI London Film Festival. There are […]

  • The Art of Lunch: Paris vs. London

    At Colorova in Paris (Lost in Cheeseland) I was born in London, and have lived here all my life apart from extended sojourns to other parts of Europe that are more conducive to joie de vivre, and, well, Paris. I can’t help but compare the two lifestyles and poor London always comes limping in at […]

  • August Events in London: Our Top Picks

    Jeremy Deller: Sacrilege (hellojenuine.) August is a funny old month in London, and even more so when we’re hosting The Olympics. I’ve decided it’s impossible to escape the O word, even though I said last month I wasn’t going to mention “The Games” as we’re supposed to call them. Annex East and the Meltdown festival […]

  • July Events in London: Mustache Wrestling & Rooftop Film Screenings

    Believe it or not, Paris is not the center of the universe (not all the time, anyway). There are actually a decent amount of things to do in another nearby metropolis, one with slightly worse weather and significantly more polite locals. This month, we bring you our first edition of our London events guide, courtesy […]