Outdoor dining and drinking is now all the rage, and for good reason. Every year in Paris, ephemeral terrasses, bars, and cinemas pop up over the summer months. But this year there are more than ever. Here are some of the best places to hang out this summer in Paris: 

Left: a Parisian rooftop covered in grass and trees with a big screen TV in front of 3 wooden lounge chairs. Right: A shipping container at Kilometre25 in Paris filled with merchants selling clothes and other goods, along with tables on the perimeter with people drinking and eating.
Top: Hôtel Rochechouart. Above: Hôtel Paradiso / Kilometre25

Hôtel Paradiso Rooftop Cinema

Hôtel Paradiso, the 4-star hotel and cinema above MK2 Nation in the 12ème, has opened a new rooftop cinema. Head up to the 8th floor to find the rooftop terrace, which has been equipped with a café and an outdoor cinema with panoramic views of Paris. And you don’t have to be staying at the hotel to enter; the rooftop is open to everyone!

Concept designs of the new Rosa Bonheur guinguette at Bois de Vincennes.
Rosa Bonheur Bois de Vincennes – Supervue

Rosa Bonheur Bois de Vincennes

The team behind Rosa Bonheur are transforming the Chalet de la Porte Jaune in Bois de Vincennes (built by Baron Haussmann in 1860 under Napoleon III), plus two adjoining buildings, into their next guinguette.

In addition to the 620m2 chalet, the 320m2 fermette (farmhouse) will be turned into a winter garden and the 1,000m2 belvédère is designed for dancing, with a gorgeous view of the lake, swans, and sunset from the XXL bay windows.

Left: the exterior Art Deco facade of Hotel Rochechouart. Right: the rooftop bar of Hotel Rochechouart with Sacre Coeur in the background.
Hôtel Rochechouart

Hôtel Rochechouart Rooftop

The 9th floor of this Art Deco hotel boasts a rooftop terrace with a 360° view across Paris. Wrought iron tables and cozy benches are surrounded by blooming aromatic herbs such as rosemary, lemon thyme, hibiscus, and lavender. Homemade appetizers and cocktails by a team of mixologists are served seven days a week until late.

Hôtel Rochechouart

HO Batignolles

The Hasard Ludique team have created a new ephemeral terrace in the heart of Parc Martin Luther King in the 17th arrondissement. HO is a taste of the future HOBA, a unique new space by Hasard Ludique dedicated to sustainable and joyful cooking. HO features great view of the park, cocktails and organic drinks, and vegan and pesco-vegetarian dishes concocted by Meet My Mama.

HO Batignolles

La Beach Parisienne

Transport yourself to the seaside with the new beach club located at Chalet du Lac in Bois de Vincennes. There are beds, sand and deckchairs that you can book for tanning, towel included, and from which you can also dine. The restaurant, LÏA, serves Mediterranean cuisine, with brunch offered on the weekends. You can even treat yourself to a massage by Les Bains du Marais. 

La Beach Parisienne

La Bamba Parc Floral

La Bamba is an XXL terrace by the team behind Le Jardin Suspendu, located at the Pavillon Chesnaie du Roy in Parc Floral de Paris. At this outdoor bar, you can enjoy the best of Latin American food—including tacos and asado, cocktails, live music and DJ sets including disco, funk, house, hip-hop, reggaeton, and dancehall, as well as karaoke.

La Bamba Parc Floral de Paris


President of Glazart and Jardin21, Arnaud Perrine, is opening a new friche (wasteland) named Kilometre25 located between Paris and Pantin. The 2,200m2  space full of shipping containers will feature clothing and jewelry designers, thrift stores, a vinyl store, three food trucks, a barber, tattoo artists, massage therapy, and a restaurant.

There will also be a range of sports, from yoga to Krav Maga, and you can listen to podcasts, attend screenings, and, if sanitary conditions allow, enjoy electronic DJ sets every weekend. Open Wednesday – Sunday.


Located at the Docks de Paris in Aubervilliers, Mercury is a 5,600m2 open-air space with a diverse program: street art exhibitions; yoga and sports; an arcade with table tennis, pinball, and arcade machines; barbecues and food stands; a fan zone with a giant screen to watch the Euro, the Tokyo Olympics, or the Tour de France; concerts; DJ sets; a “Vinyl Village”; and a karaoke tent. 

The exhaustive program also features a beer festival, conferences, voguing, drag shows, and roller disco. Open Wednesday – Sunday until October. 

Left: people sitting on deck chairs in front of a stage at ZUT. Right: People sitting on benches and on chairs at tables at ZUT.
ZUT – Edouard Richard

Zone d’Urgence Temporaire (ZUT)

Technopol and La Villette have joined forces to create ZUT, ephemeral outdoor spaces in Parc de la Villette aimed at supporting a gradual resumption of artistic and festive activity this summer. 

ZUT offers artists and the public the opportunity to come together around a cultural program accessible to all. It’s focused on electronic music, but there will also be plastic arts, digital arts, performance, graffiti, hip-hop dance, and scenography. Open until September 26.

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