If you walk along the streets of Paris, you’ll be sure to find an eclectic array of wine bars. From the unassumingly cozy to more sleek and sophisticated interiors, it can be hard to pick where to stop off.

Le Mary Celeste Paris. The café exterior dining and a view inside.
Le Mary Celeste

In recent years, we’ve seen an emergence of bars specializing in natural wines, yet many still charm with their focus on regional French wines. After a long day in the (home) office or exploring Paris and all its sights and sounds, the call of a delicious French wine beckons. Given the complexity of finding the right address, we’ve handpicked a few of our favorite Parisian gems. 

Left: a smiling young holds up a bottle of beer.
Right: a gourmet plated dish of food at on a wooden table with bread resting on the table, fleur de sel and a fork.
Top: Le Mary Celeste. Above: Coinstot Vino / Freddy’s


Ideal for the solo sip or meeting up with friends, nestle in at the wooden bar, or pull up a stool against the atmospheric stone walls. Freddy’s has a carefully curated selection of French wines, and a daily menu with tasty small plates such as kebabs, grilled fish, or sweet potato beignets. Beautiful presentation is at the heart of this local haunt, from its wines to its interior.

Left: a wooden platter of small plates at Freddy's wine bar, including grilled pineapple and small glass bowls filled with green ice cream.
Right: a main course of duck breast and potato purée on a peach colourd plate, resting on a wooden counter with a piece of bread to the lower left corner of the bread.

Le Mary Celeste

Nautically inspired, this windowed oyster bar has been kicking around the Marais since 2013. Oysters steal the show here, although small plates are delicious sidekicks. If cocktails are more your thing, their menu is inspired and worth perusing. It gets busy and it’s tight, so reservations a must.

A view of the interior of Le Mary Celeste from the exterior; there is a large bar, and several people sat around it.
Le Mary Celeste

La Cave du Paul Bert

With bottle-adorned walls and a fine wooden bar, this tiny counter located in a cave is underhyped. You’ll find an interesting mix of natural wines available, by the glass or bottle. The menu has a classic selection of cheese and charcuterie, while the homemade mayonnaise and eggs are a staple favorite. 

La Buvette

This unassuming bar boasts a well-guided selection of natural wines and an intimate setting (four small tables and a thin bar). The bar staff are eager to offer their opinions on what glass to try, while the small plates (anything from lentil soup to burrata) are excellent. A lovely setting for lunch or a pre- (or post-) dinner visit.

Left: The exterior of La Buvette.
Right: a person pours an unidentifed brownish-orange liquid from what appears to be a wine glass.
La Buvette

Coinstot Vino

This tapas bar is esteemed among wine connoisseurs, and it’s easy to see why. A friendly, relaxed, and no-fuss atmosphere is coupled with good prices and great wines. Come for the wine (ask the waiters for recommendations), but do allow yourself to be tempted by the pizzas and desserts. You won’t regret it. 

Left: A charcuterie plate of different cheeses, hams and pickles sat on a wooden table with a bottle and glass of red wine sat to the left. 
Right: 4 bottles of wine sat on a bar inside a traditional Paris passage.
Coinstot Vino

Avant Comptoir de la Terre

This Odéon wine bar and restaurant is authentic, inventive, and creative, pulling in lovers and wine lovers alike. It counts a sumptuous setting, fantastic tapas, exquisite wines, and a super-invested team among its assets. The atmosphere is so welcoming you won’t want to leave. 

Left: A selection of Spanish charcuterie and 8 bottles of red wine on a metal shelf, at about the table level.
Right: a bottle of wine wine with two glases sat in front of it.
Avant Comptoir de la Terre

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Left: Parisians sat 'en terrace' on a summer's day
Right: the exterior of le Mary Celeste.
Le Mary Celeste


Freddy’s – 54 Rue de Seine, 75006

Le Mary Celeste – 1 Rue Commines, 75003

La Cave du Paul Bert – 16 Rue Paul Bert, 75011

La Buvette – 67 Rue Saint-Maur, 75011

Coinstot Vino – 22-30 Galerie Montmartre, 75002

Avant Comptoir de la Terre – 3 Carrefour de l’Odéon, 75006

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