Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and where better to get your loved one (or yourself) a special gift than France, home of the City of Love? If you’re feeling a bit stuck for a gift this year, here are some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts from France, by local creatives and brands that you can shop online: 

Jewelry & Watches

Left: A woman is sitting down in a white room, with bohemian decorations behind her. She’s wearing a grey top, and a variety of silver jewelry, with her hand resting under her chin. Right: A different image of the same woman sitting on the floor, with a silver necklace and ring.
Top: Mignonne Handmade / Above: Zoaje

Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift and for good reason. There’s something special about receiving a gorgeous piece of jewelry from a loved one. I love this beautiful ring by French jewelry brand Zoaje, and these stunning earrings by Atelier Floreen. For something a little bit different, Mignonne Handmade makes amazing headpieces and hair combs. A watch is also the perfect gift. If this is more your angle, check out 7PLIS, a French brand that creates unique watches out of recycled skateboards. 

A pair of glasses are resting on the ground. They are made of light stained wood, with pink and green details. On the side, they’re labeled 7PLIS. There is a skateboard out of focus in the background.

Leather Goods

The men I know always seem to be in need of a new wallet! Le Tanneur is a French leather goods brand that was founded in 1898. They use beautiful materials and full-grain leather to create timeless and durable pieces. For men, check out the black messenger bag or wallet. For women, try this pretty powder pink shoulder bag, floral tote bag, or red purse.

Left: A woman’s torso is visible, she is wearing a grey and black shirt, holding a smartphone in her hand and wearing a watch. Right: A watch is deconstructed, resting on a table.


Get your significant other some lovely sleepwear to end the day on a luxuriant note. French brand Bloem Linen makes handmade linen clothing such as this bloomer and camisole pajama set. Or there’s this pajama set by My French Linen House, which you can pair with this unisex linen robe

Left: A dark grey camisole and pair of bloomers are laid out flat on a white surface. The logo ‘bloem linen’ is visible in the bottom right corner. Right: A woman stands in nature, with her hands running through her hair. She is wearing a light orange sweater, and large statement earrings consisting of orange and brown flowers.
Left: Bloem Linen  / Right: flowers.ritual


Nuage Shop makes romantic custom prints of “The Night We Met’’ or “The Day the Stars Aligned.” For the Francophile in your life, ask Lucile’s Kitchen to create a custom Paris watercolor print, or order her set of 4 French seasonal food prints. Or, get an original custom portrait of your loved one from Aimee Del Valle.

Left: A painting of a woman dressed in a blue and light orange dress and headdress. / Right: A horizontal book shelf is pictured in a white room with white brick walls. On top of the shelf, there is a painting of a zebra in blue and light orange.
Aimee Del Valle


I know candles are seen as quite a cliché gift for women, but I actually love receiving them. I particularly adore this organic, vegan, and cruelty-free Venus candle by Euphorya Candle. Or, for something a little more traditional, Poēsie ticks all the boxes: sublime biodegradable, 100% natural, vegan, GMO- and cruelty-free candles

Left: A light pink camisole is on top of a white camisole. They are both laid flat on a white surface, with the logo ‘bloem linen’ in the bottom right corner. / Right: Two candles in the shape of a bust of a woman are lit. They are resting on a mirrored surface, with decorative books and magazines behind them, including Vogue magazines, and a book titled Christian Dior.
Left: Bloem Linen / Right: euphoryacandle


I don’t know about you, but my skin is certainly feeling the effects of the cold weather. But with all this time spent indoors lately, it means there’s plenty of time for pampering. Vichy is one of France’s famous pharmacy brands. They have moisturizers, serums, and masks that are sure to get that hydration back into your loved one’s skin. The kits for both women and men make a great gift.

Left: A woman stands with her back facing the camera, wearing a grey robe. / Right: A young woman stand behind an older woman, with her arm wrapped around her, holding a container of face cream. They both have a line of face cream on their cheeks.
Left: MyFrenchLinenHouse / Right: Vichy


Last year certainly taught us the importance of self care. And there’s nothing more relaxing than a warm cup of herbal tea. Malindo is a French brand specializing in ethical and high-quality teas, tisanes, and rooibos from Malaysia and Indonesia. Get the tea lover in your life a gift pack of organic detox teas, iced teas, vegan teas, special hibiscus teas, or a mixed pack with an organic tea, tisane, and rooibos. Complete your gift with one of their gorgeous mugs. 

Left: A man and woman are standing in the rain in the middle of a Parisian street, embracing. / Right: A cup of tea is resting on top of a surface, with small flowers around and in the tea.
Left: / Right: malindo.tea

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