Bouillon Chartier’s third Paris restaurant, located in the 10th arrondissement, opened just across the Gare de l’Est. It offers old-world charm, satisfying food at rock bottom prices and – crucially – the lack of long lines at the other locations. …read more

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In the US, bigger is often equated with better, and mediocrity is sort of the norm. When something exceeds mediocrity, we’re often pleasantly surprised. Conversely, the French have higher expectations. Quality trumps quantity and excess. …read more

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All I know, after living in both countries, is that café culture is engrained, deeply, no matter how different the two might be, and I love them both in their own way. It’s real love, but complicated. …read more

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The aroma of fresh baked delights and excitement mingle as Amanda Bankert, from Boneshaker Donuts in Paris, releases her first cookbook Voilà Vegan. We recently interviewed Amanda to discuss the launch of the book and her journey thus far. …read more

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Any parallels are flattering but skin-deep. The self-taught Julien Sebbag creates a unique ecosphere of food, music, art, and joie de vivre. …read more

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