You don’t have to end up at a tourist trap when visiting the Iron Lady. If you venture a few blocks away, there are loads of good places. Here is a selection of the best restaurants near the Eiffel Tower, selected for you by a long-time local. …read more

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Stephane Nguyen and Kate Blenkiron, the husband and wife team behind the wildly successful French Cooking Academy, have just released their first cookbook. Find out more about it along with exclusive recipes for HIP readers. …read more

This traditional cake comes from the Basque region in France, has a reputation for being both simple and delicious. …read more

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Who said that the French must have cream in everything? These boulangère potatoes are just like a classic gratin, but slow cooked in an aromatic blend of onions, cooking stock and farmhouse smoked bacon. …read more

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Bouillon Chartier’s third Paris restaurant, located in the 10th arrondissement, opened just across the Gare de l’Est. It offers old-world charm, satisfying food at rock bottom prices and – crucially – the lack of long lines at the other locations. …read more

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In the US, bigger is often equated with better, and mediocrity is sort of the norm. When something exceeds mediocrity, we’re often pleasantly surprised. Conversely, the French have higher expectations. Quality trumps quantity and excess. …read more