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Back to School in France: Frantic Moms and Fading Tans

In France, la rentrée is not just about families and their children. Each September, almost the entire population faces their regular routines after a long holiday season.
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Les Toilettes Parisiennes: What to Know Before You Go

French potty perils abound. So, we've put together this simple guide to help you navigate the waters of les toilettes Parisiennes. As they say, more
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Une Vie Parisienne in New York City

With an expired visa and packed boxes, I sat in my beautiful Parisian apartment. I told myself that I would surely find a way to return to Paris. I never once imagined that eight years later, I’d still be fighting passionately to maintain une more
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Les Parisiens: Rude? Sometimes. But Impolite? Never.

Are Parisians as rude as their well-worn reputation? Here's what I've learned: rudeness is in the eye of the more
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Hot or Not? Our Search for the Perfect Nanny

Living in the States, a nanny felt like an unattainable luxury. But here in Paris, “nounous” seem almost de rigeur. more
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Ice Cold Drinks in Paris

As an American expat, the question I get most is: What do you miss about home? In a pinch I can find a reasonable substitute for many of the readily available items from the U.S. that I miss.  If not, friends keep me in supply. But, there’s one more
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French Creation & Savoir-Faire, Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann: 8 Discoveries

Artists and artisans are part of the fabric of French culture. They make the architecture, décor, clothing, food, and culture so alluring. Galeries Lafayette is an homage to French creation. So with that in mind, we thought we would share the more

Vacation Rentals for Those Who Don’t just Travel, they Experience.

Boutique rentals from our trusted partner Haven In

Paris · Provence · Tuscany · London
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Strolling in Paris: Let Me Count the Ways…

Flâner has always been one of my favorite French verbs. The dictionary definition reads “se promener sans but précis” (to walk without a precise goal). Since aimless wandering is basically my raison d’etre in Paris, I appreciate that the French more
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The Perfect Paris Picnic: Our Top 10 Spots & What to Bring

Picnic season is in full swing in Paris. Here are a few spots where picnickers of all kinds can find their more
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Paris in July: Events, Exhibitions, The Outdoors & More

July is when locals slow down, savor the warm weather as they prepare for les vacances. Here are our picks for what to do in Paris in more
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Paris Apartments to Call Home: Property for Sale

Dreaming of your own flat in Paris? Or a country home in a French village? Here's our selection of homes to help make your French dreams come more
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The Best French Streaming for Francophiles

We've previously shared our love of French films and TV in general, and how we used subtitled French movies to help us on the our language learning journey. Because of this, we were especially thrilled to discover a streaming service just for more
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Lounge Here Now: Best Places to Loiter in Paris

I've come up with a list of the best parks and places that I return to again and again, for a morning or afternoon, under the Parisian sky. more
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