What is it about French women that always leaves me staring as they ever so briskly pass by? Thinking, how do they always manage to look so (for lack of a better word), chic? French fashion is all about off the cuff classic modern style. They appear to be dressed with a casual confidence, never looking out of place and drawing just enough attention. Details and accessories are carefully chosen, creating a color palette of distinctive greys, blacks and neutrals, with just a touch of color. Timeless. Elegant. And always chic. This ‘dress-code’ is most creatively displayed in the ‘bobo’ parts of Paris where ‘bourgeois’ meets ‘boheme’. The result is a never-ending fashion show on the streets of the Marais, Saint Germain, and often in between.

What’s their secret? I have a few theories.

Right: A chic woman in a beige trench walks by the Seine river. Left: A woman in black blazer stands in a Parisian park carrying a red bag.
Top: A chic woman cycling with the Eiffel Tower in the background, by Emrecan Arik
A fashionable woman walks along the Seine by @lapresqueparisienne/A young woman with a red handbag,by Laura Chouette


Parisians are avid shoppers but not necessarily considered consumers. Whether shopping luxury French brands, or affordable French fashion designers, they choose quality over quantity. When the Soldes hit Paris, they spend the time necessary to find that one classic signature piece to add to their collection, which will naturally work with all the other pieces. Shopping becomes a curatorial experience. Thus, there is no end to the possibilities and no need to follow the latest trends. Rather than mimic a mannequin, a Parisian woman will simply use this model for inspiration.

Left: A french woman in black blazer sits outdoors in a green chair. Right: A woman in striped top crosses a bridge near the Eiffel Tower.
Above: A Parisian in a park and near the Eiffel Tower by @lapresqueparisienne


It’s not only the mesdames of Paris who exude elegance. I am often pushed to take notice of the younger generation, anyone under 18. They too possess that characteristic French style in their attitude and appearance, no doubt inherited by their style conscious mothers, dressed at the age of 11 in French brands such as Zadig & Voltaire and Petit Bateau. Perhaps an occasional ‘vintage’ scarf borrowed from their mother’s closet. These young fashion forward minds are already way ahead of the trends. Surely, this look of simple elegance is deeply ingrained in their genes, passed on from the Chanel clad grandmother.


This I know to be true, and it’s often what sets the French apart from the rest of the world. A Parisian woman always manages to look sexy, yet discreet. Even when gliding to the boulangerie in her Repetto flats. When getting dressed for a night on the town, (often no different than the aforementioned look, with only a change of shoes), she will show a hint of cleavage or a well defined leg, but never both. Why should she? It’s best to leave a little to the imagination and show your class. The French way.

In my time living in Paris, I have taken many visual notes on ‘the look of a Parisian’, the streets being my school. I will never quite blend in, but I do choose to follow this unwritten code. Perhaps I was Parisian in a past life…

Left: A fashionable woman in black stands behind cars on a Paris street. Right: A beige trench coat, black Prada purse and a golden watch lay on a bed.
A chic Parisian on the Boulevards des Italiens by Nassim Boughazi / Parisian essentials by Laura Chouette


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Kasia Dietz

Kasia Dietz is a travel writer and handbag designer from New York, who followed her heart to Paris. When she’s not writing for Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, Architectural Digest, National Geographic, Fodor’s… she’s leading bag painting workshops and custom fashion tours. Read all about her life and travels on her blog, Love in the City of Light.


  1. How does a man achieve a sense of style in Paris? Since the pandemic I have been living in tees & jeans and can’t bear the thought of a suit altho I have walked down the Champs Elysee wearing one. I have a trip to France planned for the fall including a few days in Paris. Any advice would be helpful.

  2. I may offend some people with my comment so I’ll start by saying that French people do have a way of dresssing that sets them a bit apart from other nationalities. Their style is chic yet understated, elegant yet not ostentatious. But in my opinion, from years of observation, it has become obvious to me that French people look so appealing to most of us simply because they keep themselves trim. Walking a lot has something to do with that and the reality is that clothes look better on a thin frame. Not to say that people who are not thin can’t look well dressed and elegant but it takes a lot more effort and care.

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