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French-Inspired Gifts for Kids of All Ages

The joy and excitement of the holiday season are most often seen through the faces of children. Discover the season’s best gifts, influenced by classic French brands and current trends.
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Our Favorite Luxury Gifts

For Francophiles looking to add a bit of extra oh la la to their holiday season, look no further than these luxury items....read more
Parisian Living

What I’ve Learned From Five Years in Paris

When I moved to France six years ago, I was a fish out of water. Gradually, though, I caught on. Here's what I learned:...read more

Eating with My French Husband: Food Habits I Picked Up in France

In our French-Indian household, my husband and I have managed to create a pastiche of food and cooking rituals which are a blend of both cultures. Sometimes the medley turns out beautifully while there are many attempts which haven’t been so successful....read more

Best French Beauty Brands

It goes without saying that France is renowned for its beauty products. With the holidays around the corner, these best French beauty brands will make great gifts....read more

Parisian Living

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The Best French Winter Fashion

Over the years, I’ve learned how to survive the French winter. Let's discover the best French winter fashion with our favorite brands:...read more
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Navigating the Parisian Markets

With a tote bag full of squashed, leaky peaches, and a grumbling Italian boyfriend attesting he would ‘never go back to a French market’, here are my tips for navigating the French marché....read more
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French Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Online

Who isn’t looking forward to some holiday cheer? You may not have been able to travel to France this year and indulge in a little shopping, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it online....read more
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    Food & Drink

    Le Bon Georges — a Classic French Bistro

    What makes the perfect Parisian bistro? We chat to Thibault Nicolas, restaurant director of Le Bon Georges, to find out!...read more

    Selva: A South American Restaurant in Paris

    Selva is a culinary experience inspired by Colombian and Peruvian cuisine that you will not want to miss!...read more

    The Best Hidden Italian Dining Spots in Paris

    There’s no denying that la dolce vita appeals very strongly to Parisian sensibilities. Here’s a guide to Paris’ top Italian dining spots!...read more

    French Fall Wine Festivals and Events

    The autumn wine harvest season is celebrated in France with great splendor. Here are our favorite wine harvest festivals in France this year....read more

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