If you’ve dreamt of owning your own pied-a-terre in Paris, the good news is there are ways of offsetting costs to help make your dream come true. How? Via short term rentals in Paris. We have 2 apartments for sale that have the rare legal designation as short-term rentals. Message us at info@hipparis and read on to find out more!

Short Term Rentals For Sale in Paris

Before the city outlawed short-term rentals, purchasing a property and offsetting the costs by renting it out when not in use by the owner was a popular choice for investors and lovers of Paris. However, the city has cracked down hard on vacation rentals in recent years and people thought the gold rush of those days were long gone.

However, if you find the right apartment you can still have a short term rental that is legal allowing you to benefit from lucrative rental income, the appreciation of a valuable asset over time, and enjoy your own home in the City of Light.

The short term rentals we have available for sale are in 2 of our favorite areas in Paris. One is in the 17th arrondissement where you can live like a true local, enjoying markets, small independent businesses, and the charm of every day Parisian life. The other is in the prestigious 5th arrondissement, steps from the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Enjoy long walks, an apéro on a terrace, warm croissants from the boulangerie, wine and cheese with friends, and weekend mornings at your local market. Email info@hipparis.com at once and read on for more details!

The light and airy bedroom of Rue Etex apartment, with white bedding, a window and view of the ensuite bathroom.
Rue Etex Bedroom

rue Etex – Short Term Rental Apartment for Sale, 75017 PARIS

Email info@hipparis.com for more information.


Size: 70 m2 (753.48 sq ft)

Floor: Ground (1st floor US)

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2.5

Condition: Excellent, newly renovated

Furnished: yes

The second bedroom of Rue Etex apartment, with brown and beige undertones plus the ensuite bathroom with dark blue tile.
rue Etex, Bedroom and ensuite bathroom

This modern, fully furnished 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment is a rare find in Paris, offering a legal short-term rental option that many buyers believe no longer exists. Although hard to come by, such properties are still available, though rare.

Situated on rue Etex, close to both Montmartre and Batignolles this beautifully refurbished, air-conditioned ground-floor apartment features an independent street entrance. It covers 50 m² on the main floor, with an additional 20 m² in the lower level. The apartment is meticulously designed and furnished to optimize comfort and practicality. It can accommodate six guests and includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate toilet.

The open plan kitchen and living room of the Rue etex apartment, decorated in Brown.
rue Etex living and dining room

The interior is tastefully decorated, equipped with high-quality modern amenities. Its prime location and comprehensive amenities make it an attractive option for a steady flow of rental guests throughout the year, in between your own stays in Paris.

The rue Etex apartment is projected to generate an impressive annual revenue of €65,000 (net of rental management fees), with a total investment price of €836,000, inclusive of taxes, fees, and furnishings. This translates to a remarkable 7.8% annual triple-net yield, making it an appealing investment due to its prime location in one of our favorite Paris neighborhoods, recent renovations, and strong rental potential.

Val de Grace, Short Term Rental Apartment for Sale, 75005 PARIS

email info@hipparis.com for more information


Size: 54 m2 (581.26 sq ft)

Floor: Ground (1st floor US)

Bedrooms: 1

Bathrooms: 1

General Condition: Excellent, newly renovated

Furnished: no

The Haussmann exterior of the Val-de-Grace apartment and the floor plans.
Val de Grace

Our second property is an extraordinary investment opportunity in the prestigious 5th arrondissement of Paris. You’ll enjoy taking a stroll in this area, filled with tourist sites, shops and restaurants. Situated on Place Alphonse Laveran in the highly regarded Val de Grace area, this boutique property provides a rare opportunity to own a piece of Parisian real estate with attractive short-term rental potential. The apartment features a private street entrance, 46 m² of air-conditioned living space on the main floor, and an additional 8 m² of space below ground.

The well-conceived layout includes one bedroom, with the capacity to host up to four guests, making it suitable for both personal use and profitable short-term rentals. The apartment will be delivered unfurnished, allowing you to customize the space to your liking, enhancing its sophisticated finishes and intentional design. This potential for personalization, paired with its prime location, offers a lucrative canvas for investors aiming to achieve high returns in Paris’s dynamic short-term rental market.

With a price of €780,000 (€840,000 inclusive of taxes and filing fees), this ready-to-go property offers an enticing 6.2% triple net potential yield, representing a robust return in today’s competitive Parisian real estate landscape. The unique blend of its superb location, ideal size, and rental capability positions this Val de Grace apartment as a compelling investment. Perfect for those looking to leverage Paris’s enduring charm to tourists and business travelers, this property provides both personal enjoyment and substantial income potential in one of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Email info at hipparis.com for more information.

Short Term Rentals In Paris- Frequently Asked Questions

Are short-term rentals allowed in Paris?

Short-term rentals in Paris are regulated by city planning authorities. They have faced significant restrictions over the past decade. Generally, short-term rentals of up to 120 days are allowed for primary residences. For other properties, a special designation from the city is required to legally rent out on a short-term basis. These designations are no longer being issued. Properties without this permit won’t be able to get one in the future.

What is the punishment for violation of the city’s short-term rental regulations?

Illegal short-term rentals can result in fines of up to €50,000.

What are some of the other pitfalls of operating short-term rentals without permits in Paris?

Potential conflicts with neighbors and the risk of being reported make illegal rentals a risky option for most buyers.

What are the alternatives to short-term rentals if you can’t get a permit?

Furnished rentals of one month or more—known as “bail mobilité” leases—intended for students, visiting executives, or professors, offer a legal alternative for foreign investors to generate income, though not as lucrative as Airbnb-style rentals.

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