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  • HiP Paris Writers and Friends: Lockdown Impressions From Paris and Beyond

    All of our lives, wherever we may find ourselves hunkering down in these crazy times, have greatly changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and fast. To get some more unique perspectives on living under lockdown in Paris and the French countryside, we asked some of our friends and colleagues how confinement is looking and feeling for them.

  • The HiP Paris Team: Lockdown Impressions From Paris & Beyond

    Parisians have either fled the city for the countryside or have been under confinement rules that were tightened just a week ago— hear how our HiP Paris Blog team has been dealing with France’s new regulations so far.

  • Inside IKEA’s first Central-Paris Store

    The ultimate catch-22 of every Parisian has to be decorating their apartment. But there is one easy solution to our space-starved woes: IKEA. Things are looking up for us budget-conscious Parisians, because IKEA has finally opened a store right in the heart of the city.

  • Where to eat around Gare du Nord station in Paris, and see art like this Leadro Erlich installation.

    Gare du Nord: Paris Revamps Railway Hood

    Gare du Nord and its environs are in the midst of an exciting transformation and for the 200 million travellers it serves annually, it’s not a moment too soon.

  • Visit Paris' Little India multicultural neighborhood with its saree shops, restaurants, supermarkets and jewelers.

    Multicultural Paris: Inside La Chapelle

    If you’re eager to discover an authentic Paris neighborhood far from the touristy hordes, try visiting La Chapelle – a Parisian quartier on the border of the 10th, 18th, and 19th arrondissements. Here you’ll find a diverse area, a world away from the realm of cliché Paris sights like the Eiffel Tower and macarons, bursting with fragrant aromas, vibrant colors, and rich cultural activity.

  • We're Hiring! A Summer Internship with HiP Paris Blog

    A Summer Internship with The HiP Paris Blog

    Who doesn’t love Paris in the summer? From afternoon picnics in the Jardin de Luxembourg to sunset walks along the Seine, the City of Light is the perfect place to linger in the long summer months. And here comes the best news: HiP Paris Blog is looking for their next editorial intern for a dedicated summer internship.

  • Erin Dahl Podcast on Breakthru Radio

    HiP Paris Blog Editor Erin Dahl Sits Down with BreakThru Radio

    Our Editor Erin Dahl joined DJ Jess of Breakthru Radio for a podcast, chatting some of our favorite addresses for food, drink, and fun in Paris. From her favorite neighborhoods to stay in to an ideal 24-hour itinerary for a 20-something visitor, take a listen and hear some familiar names!

  • Carin Olsson, Left or Right Bank

    Haven in Paris is Hiring: Paris, Gorgeous Apartments, All Things French, And You!

    We’re hiring! Haven in Paris, our boutique vacation rental business with properties in Paris, London, Provence and Tuscany, is in need of fresh talent! We’re looking for someone who is just as obsessed with gorgeous vacation properties, hospitality, and making travel dreams come true as we are.

  • Black Friday: Paris Apartments on Sale!

    Our Penthievre Apartment near the Champs-Elysées Bonjour! The winter months are absolutely wonderful in Paris. The lines are shorter at our favorite museums and sights, and the restaurants put their best foot forward for the locals – steak frites never tasted so good! Since we’d rather be in Paris in December, January and February, we’re […]

  • La Cuisine Cooking Classes in Paris: HIP Paris Makes French Apple Tarts

    Tarte Tatin, Tarte Fine aux Pommes (Julien Hausherr) Eating and Paris. No matter how much you might try to dissociate the two, a stay in Paris without its fill of delicious treats could be a holiday in any other northern European capital, albeit one with some pretty nice architecture.  Letting yourself be tempted by the […]

  • What to Wear in Paris this Spring

    Text by Je Ne Sais Quoi for Parisien Salon In Paris, the bitter temperatures are finally subsiding and the sun is trying to shine through the seemingly endless grayness.  That means one thing: spring is quickly approaching, and heavy down jackets and wool scarves will be replaced with flirty skirts and blouses. But there’s no […]

  • New Couture Café Makes You Sweat for Style

    Text by Paris By Appointment Only; Photos by Fabrice Fortin. Even though they live in the capital of couture, most Parisians can’t sew a stitch. Like most countries, France kicked home economics to the curb decades ago. Since hardly any one knows how to shorten a hem, fix a button, or take in a seam, […]

  • Bistrot Paul Bert: A Meeting of Minds

    Bistrot Paul Bert, Courtesy of: Text by Simone Blaser Sometimes, the planets align. Sometimes old friends come back to Paris (hi Tory!) and sometimes new friends come back to Paris (hi Sarah!) and sometimes you go to dinner at a restaurant about which you’ve all heard loud and exuberant whispers.  It’s never ideal when […]