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Lounge Here Now: Best Places to Loiter in Paris

by Tory Hoen
Written By

Tory Hoen

Tory Henwood Hoen is a former Paris resident who now lives in Brooklyn. Her debut novel, The Arc, is available in bookshops near you and online View Tory Hoen's Website

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8 comments on “Lounge Here Now: Best Places to Loiter in Paris

Melissa Watkins

Ahhhh…. Fontaine des Médicis is my favorite spot in Paris as well!

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Great. Thanks for doing such a good job. I will definitely check back to find out more and recommend my friends about your writing.

Dear HiP Paris, I recently came across your website and am so inspired by your work. I am an avid traveler myself, having grown up all over the world, now living in The Netherlands but traveling to Paris at least once a year. Thanks to bloggers like you, I have started my own photography blog, Again, thank you for your continued inspiration! Keep up the great posts!

Today I went to Buttes Chaumont for the first time and actually also took a stroll along Canal St Martin too (although not the first time) and I had a great time. So many different cultures, the smell of flowers and trees, hundreds of dogs, old couples, a lot of kids playing… It was a wonderful day. Buttes Chaumont was much more beautiful than I expected. I wonder though about Bois de Boulogne. I have been there but didnt find it that nice at all. It felt to ‘consrtucted’ (I was at the big lake with the small islands in the middle) and was actually disappointed. Where to go in this huge park for a nice stroll??

Is there anywhere in the south easterly corner, down near Notre Dame or the Pantheon?

I can’t wait to find my place to lounge and loiter. Legally, of course. One wouldn’t want to be arrested for loitering in a non-public place, lol!

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