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  • The gardens at at Palais Royal in full bloom.

    Paris in the Spring: The Effect of Sunlight on Parisians

    This is the best moment of the year, and it’s not just about the weather. Find out about the effect of sunlight on Parisians when spring arrives in the City of Light.

  • Left: A woman walks in a nearly empty street in Paris. Right: A stylish woman walks in front of the Cafe Du Marche in rue Cler.

    How To Be a Parisienne: 10 Golden Rules

    Living in Paris is no guarantee that you’ll automatically become a local. If you’re not a Parisienne and you want to be, these are the rules.

  • Decoding The French Menu: The Truth About Steak à Cheval

    Years into my love affair with Paris, I’m still making ridiculous rookie mistakes. I suppose it’s time to accept that France will always have the upper hand, but it still stings.

  • Bravo L’Américaine

    I live in Paris now. I know this because every morning when I wake up, I experience a brief moment of panicky, delighted confusion… I have no idea where I am!

  • Friend or Foe? How to Cope When the French Get Feisty

    We’ve all heard something to the effect of, “Paris would be perfect, if it weren’t for the French.” I usually laugh these comments off as clichés that hark back to an earlier age, when France was more culturally closed than it is now. We all know that today’s French are as affable as kittens… or are they?

  • On the left is the cafe Les Deux Magots, on the right is a bookshelf full of different books

    7 Ways Paris Taught Me to Think Like a Writer

    At 24, Tory Hoen moved to Paris with the dream of writing a book. Over a decade later, she is releasing her debut novel, The Arc.

  • Top 5 Freaky French Foods We’re Still Scared To Eat

    When most people think of French food, their minds are likely to turn to croissants and pain au chocolat. But never the freaky foods like boudin noir. Here’s a list of some foods for the most daring the try in France.

  • Fashion in Film: Catherine Deneuve’s Classic Glamour in Belle de Jour

    Is there anyone more radiant than a young Catherine Deneuve? The answer, my friends, is no. I confirmed this fact upon re-watching Belle de Jour, Luis Buñuel’s 1967 film in which Mme. Deneuve deftly juggles her housewifely duties with her day job (as a prostitute), all while looking like the classiest broad to have ever […]

  • Favorite Paris Spots: The Magic of Deyrolle’s Parisian Taxidermy

    In the town where I grew up, there was a small, mostly underwhelming children’s science museum. The best part of it by far was its taxidermy Bengal tiger, which was positioned—perhaps strategically—just around a sharp turn in a hallway. If you turned the corner unaware, it would inevitably scare the bejeezus out of you. And […]

  • French Beauty Tips: 12 French Pharmacy Items We Can’t Do Without

    Making Magique Having grown up on CVS and Walgreens, the French pharmacy was a revelation to me. Anyone who has ever been lured by the glowing green cross knows that pharmacies in France shill more than medicine and bath staples. They’re cosmetic wonderlands that offer some of the most ingenious—not to mention luxurious—products around. Making […]

  • Answering the Inevitable: “So, Are You Totally Fluent in French Now?”

    Karigee When I moved back to New York from Paris, I began to notice a trend. When people learned that I had lived in Paris, their first question (once they’d finished gasping with joy) was almost always: “So, are you totally fluent in French?”. Annelie Willemijn At first, I thought it was a test. People […]

  • Paris Fashion: Our 15 Favorite Fall Items

    Fall is the absolute best season for style—agreed? During the summer, you’d rather just be naked, and come winter, you wish you could wear one of those sleeping-bag coats all day. Autumn provides a precious window in which you can strut your stuff while feeling cozy and comfortable. Here are some of our Paris-ready favorites […]

  • Wedge Sneakers: Paris Fashion Do or Don’t?

    Loove I’m so confused. When I first saw French designer Isabel Marant’s “sneakers”—which have a concealed 3-inch wedge heel built into them—I was mystified. It seemed like the worst of both worlds: you get the sloppy look of a sneaker and the discomfort of a high heel. Sweet combo! Popofstyle Don’t get me wrong—I’m a […]

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